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New set of statistics on Digital.CSIC
Digital.CSIC puts at the disposal of its users a new set of statistics that enriches the usage repository data with general and per CSIC center/institute statistics. Our new statistics are an innovation of the facilities provided by DSpace on this respect, offer a much higher granularity and show growth trends as well as impact of available research.

Digital.CSIC Annual Report 2009
In an attempt to disseminate activities and outcomes achieved by Digital.CSIC, its Annual Report 2009 is now available online. This is the first year that Digital.CSIC Technical Office has published a report of its activities and we hope that you will enjoy its content and will like its design. The Annual report is available in Spanish and English and can be downloaded in pdf (1MB) from our homepage.     

Improvements on searches on Digital.CSIC
In order to improve visualization on Digital.CSIC interface and to make search and location of scientific information easier, distortion observed in names with diacritical signs on the authors list has been corrected. As a result, names with such marks show now in their rightful place in the alphabetical listing, thus facilitating the search for documents by author. Further improvements in this direction will take place in the coming months.

Digital.CSIC hits 20.000 items
On March 16, 2010 CSIC institutional repository has reached 20.000 items. Officially launched in January 2008 to organise, provide open access to and preserve intellectual outputs by the 147 CSIC research centers and institutes, Digital.CSIC has got consolidated and enjoys a growing involvement of its institutional network of libraries and scientific community. Digital.CSIC is a repository that houses publications and grey literature across scientific, social sciences and humanities disciplines.  

Digital.CSIC listed as a top climber on DSpace analysis about latest edition of Ranking Web of World Repositories
On the occasion of January 2010 edition of Ranking Web of World Repositories DSpace has conducted an analysis on repositories that have experienced higher positions in the classification. 45 out of these top 100 institutional repositories use DSpace. The study puts a special emphasis on 8 repositories that run on DSpace and have climbed up positions significantly with respect to July 2009 edition. Amongst them stand Digital.CSIC and DSpace has encouraged these “top climbers” to share improvements that have allowed for their rise in the ranking.        

Digital.CSIC keeps on climbing up on January 2010 edition of Ranking of World Repositories
The newest edition of Ranking of World Repositories has just been published where Digital.CSIC continued rise is visible: thus, in comparison with July 2009 edition, CSIC open repository has scaled positions both in the institutional repositories classification (jumping from the 54th to the 43th place) and in the general ranking of top 400 repositories in the world (passing from the 68th to the 49th position). This is a good news that supports the work done by Digital.CSIC so far and encourages further improvements and collaboration with participating libraries +

New team member in Digital.CSIC Technical Office
On January 20, Isabel Bernal joined Digital.CSIC team to replace Pablo de Castro in the general management of the project. Isabel comes from the international library cooperation sector and worked at foundation (Electronic Information for Libraries, for the last 5 years.

Metadata Quality Module
In order to resolve issues with duplicates and perform batch edit operations, the CSIC acquired @mire's Metadata Quality Module, fort its Digital.CSIC repository.

Digital.CSIC celebrates Open Access Week 2009
The International Open Access Week 2009 will be held worldwide on the week Oct 19-23, in order to "broaden awareness and understanding of Open Access to research, including access policies from all types of research funders, within the international higher education community and the general public". Along the week the Digital.CSIC will be asking CSIC researchers for at least one deposit of their most recent publications, be it through self-archiving or via the Mediated Deposit Service.

Restricted-access items in Digital.CSIC
From Oct 20 it is now possible to label restricted-access items in Digital.CSIC, so that those documents in the repository not yet available Open Access can be clearly identified by users. The papers' full-text version may only be accessed if the user has a running suscription to the publisher's contents. Our intention is always supplying Open Access to any paper available in Digital.CSIC, but this option allows Digital.CSIC to provide bibliographic records -plus a link to the publisher's version- for papers by CSIC authors as soon as they get published.

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