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Digital.CSIC climbing on Ranking Web of World Repositories [03/08/2011]
Digital.CSIC continues to climb up in the Webometrics July 2011 edition. The repository improves in the institutional classification (from position 31 to 25), Europe (from position 15 to 12) and world ranking (from position 38 to 31). The analysis includes more than 1,100 repositories.

New CSIC Abierto issue [27/07/2011]
Issue no. 4 of CSIC Abierto is already available here, with interviews to CSIC researchers about open access to their research outputs, updates on the institutional repository and other resources of interest.

Digital.CSIC Annual Report 2010 [14/07/2011]
The Report shows the repository's accomplishments in terms of content growth, new functionalities and services for users, involvement by CSIC libraries and researchers and collaboration with like-minded initiatives. The Report is in Spanish and English and can be downloaded here.

Digital.CSIC within CSIC Scientific Information System [20/06/2011]
Early June CSIC Presidency approved the creation of a new framework to manage and disseminate CSIC scientific information. Digital.CSIC is placed as a key element to reposition libraries in research-related processes and a means to change the current scientific communication model. ConCiencia is one of the first projects resulting from this willingness to create synergies towards enhanced integration in the management of scientific information at CSIC. More details on these initiatives are available here: 36466 and 36256

Automatic import of CSIC authored articles in BioMed Central [13/06/2011]
Through the SWORD implementation in Digital.CSIC, it is now possible to import the metadata and full texts of articles authored by CSIC community and published by BioMed central journals. The repository's Technical Office makes the mappings with corresponding collections.

Presentations of Digital.CSIC training workshop available [05/05/2011]
The 3 presentations of the workshop "Digital.CSIC: Dublin Core cataloguing, author's rights and copyright management. Measure, visibility and impact of scientific outputs", delivered by the repository's Technical Office, within the framework of CSIC Training Department program, on March 7-8-9 and May 23-24-25, 2011 can be accessed through the links in this news.

Presentation of "Digital.CSIC: Authors rights. Statistics and scientific evaluation" available [05/04/2011]
The presentation of the training session "Digital.CSIC: Authors rights. Statistics and scientific evaluation" held at the CSIC Center for Humanities and Social Sciences on March 31, 2011 is available here. The session addressed the scientific and technical community of the largest center of this kind at CSIC.

Open Access in the new Law for Science, Technology and Innovation in Spain [25/03/2011]
On March 16,2011 the Parliament approved the Draft Law which is to replace the Law for Science dated in 1986. In the new Law, the article 37 is devoted to open access to research and states that contents derived from research that has been publicly funded at large will be made public through open access repositories not later than 12 months after their official publication. Further, the public electronic version of these outputs may be used by Public Administration for evaluation purposes. The full text can be downloaded here

More than 30,000 items in Digital.CSIC [07/03/2011]
On March 3, 2011, the institutional repository hit the landmark of 30,000 items. At present, Digital.CSIC houses more than 23,000 articles and papers, more than 1,300 patents and 1,200 books parts, besides working papers, teaching and divulgative material, theses, and many other tipologies of research content.

New CSIC Abierto issue [22/02/2011]
The third issue of Digital.CSIC Bulletin is available here. CSIC Abierto gives account of CSIC research which is freely accessible through Digital.CSIC, updates on repository's news and disseminates resources of interest in the oen access movement. Highlights in this issue include an interview with Rafael Rodrigo, President of CSIC, and a focus on CSIC research devoted to historical memory and horror landscapes.

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