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A practical guide to meet with open access requirements of Spain's Science Law [13/10/2014]
FECYT has published Recomendaciones para la implementación del Artículo 37 Difusión en Acceso Abierto de la Ley de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación in order to ease the fulfilment of open access requirements for research funded by national science funds. The Spanish community of institutional repositories has contributed to the guide. 

Temporary stoppage of usage statistics [18/09/2014]
Due to maintenance works in the repository, its module of usage statistics will not be updated from September 18 until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Resource description templates updated [15/09/2014]
DIGITAL.CSIC description template for conference contributions has been updated to consider a wide range of cases. In addition, the repository's Technical Office has prepared model templates for brochures and videos. They can be accessed here.

DIGITAL.CSIC Annual Report 2013 [16/07/2014]
DIGITAL.CSIC Annual Report highlights main achievements regarding content growth strategies and services for researchers, training and partnerships with like-minded initiatives and analysis of impact indicators, dissemination and marketing. English version coming soon.

LIBER Research Data Management Case Studies Out [08/07/2014]
In an attempt to encourage libraries to build up and expand capacities in research data management, LIBER has recently published 11 case studies that describe policies and support already provided by research libraries across Europe in this domain. DIGITAL.CSIC is one example analyzed.

New CSIC Abierto Issue Out [08/05/2014]
The Spring 2014 issue is devoted to open access experiences by Pyrenean Institute of Ecology and Center of Humanities and Social Sciences at CSIC, with interviews to researcher and librarian communities and to DIGITAL.CSIC news and other resources. The issue closes with an interview to Frances Pinter of Knowledge Unlatched.

New DIGITAL.CSIC presentations available [23/04/2014]
The repository's Technical Office delivered the workshop "DIGITAL.CSIC: Contenidos. Derechos de autor y políticas editoriales. Indicadores de impacto y herramientas de colaboración en Acceso Abierto" on March 24-25-26, 2014. The workshop addressed strategies for content development, archiving and description in DIGITAL.CSIC, current trends in open access as regards copyright issues and licensing options, and emerging initiatives to develop new tools, methods and criteria to assess, measure and analyze the impact of research outputs available in open access.  

Funders' open access mandates: fulfilment through DIGITAL.CSIC [10/03/2014]
New European Commission policy requires open access to peer-reviewed publications resulting for all projects funded by Horizon2020. In addition, the policy includes a pilot project with research data. Repositories play a fundamental role in this and other open access mandates by funding agencies. An overview of principal issues is here.

Results of DIGITAL.CSIC survey on data management and access out [25/02/2014]
The report that analyzes the input by 266 CSIC researchers that completed DIGITAL.CSIC survey on practices with research data is already available. The survey focused on current practices to create, maintain, preserve and disseminate research data, their links with DIGITAL.CSIC and other data platforms and prospects for new support services.

Results of 14th Edition of Ranking Webometrics Out [17/02/2014]
On February 13, the January 2014 Edition of the Ranking Webometrics was published. Altmetrics indicators have been added as data sources for the classification. The new edition sheds positive light on DIGITAL.CSIC, which ranks 18 at world level (out of 1746 repositories analyzed), 13 at institutional level (out of 1660) and 6 in the European ranking (out of 796).

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