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Participation in SWETS Seminar 2013 [21/11/2013]
On November 14, SWETS Spain organised its traditional Customers Day, which was devoted to open access this year. Digital.CSIC took part in the programme with a presentation about the consolidation of the green route and headways of gold route as to CSIC research outputs.

80,000 works: A repository's anatomy [11/11/2013]
On October 29, CSIC institutional repository hit 80,000 works and for the occasion its Technical Office has prepared the brief analysis DIGITAL.CSIC: A repository's anatomy about its contents and end-users, presence and traffic on the web and related indicators, and about deposit strategies in place and the degree of participation by CSIC research institutes. Check the related videos in YouTube. 

Good practices and recommendations for open access to raw data [29/10/2013]
Digital.CSIC has recently released its good practices and recommendations to provide open access to raw data. The document puts down Digital.CSIC modus operandi with raw data since 2010 and gathers a number of considerations to take into account in managing and enabling open access to this type of research output.

Second Edition of Digital.CSIC Awards [28/10/2013]
Coinciding with the Open Access Week, the recipient of this second edition was announced. This year, the library of the Marine Research Institute (IIM-CSIC) has been distinguished for its active contribution to enhancing the volume of research outputs available in open access (nearly 2,000 articles) and for open access support activities to its patron community.  

Annual Report 2012 in English [28/10/2013]
The English version of Digital.CSIC Annual Report is already available. The report summarizes activities and achievements in 2012 and is divided into the following 4 sections: strategies for content development, open access training and advocacy, impact and dissemination and partnerships with like-minded initiatives. 

Digital.CSIC joins the International Open Access Week [18/10/2013]
This year the International Open Access Week is dedicated to redefining impact. Digital.CSIC has prepared a web with a list of all initiatives in development in this regard. Amongst them, it is worth noting the upcoming publication of Digital.CSIC datasets policy, a workshop about new metrics for CSIC community, and several studies about the impact of CSIC research outputs that are freely available.  

COAR study on practices to populate repositories [11/09/2013]
The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) has recently published the study Incentives, Integration and Mediation: Sustainable Practices for Populating Repositories that gives account of best practices and sustainale strategies in the world. Digital.CSIC strategy based on mediation services is included in the report.

2013 Summer Edition of Ranking Web of Repositories [23/08/2013]
The 13th edition of the Ranking got published last August 10. Digital.CSIC continues to improve positions in the following classifications: World (19th out of 1650 repositories), Institutional (13th out of 1563) and European (9th out of 738). Check the Ranking and its analysis criteria.

Study on impact indicators in Digital.CSIC [30/07/2013]
The article "Open Access and the Changing Landscape of Research Impact Indicators: New Roles for Repositories" joins the debate about metrics to assess science and provides a number of case studies based on works and impact tools available in Digital.CSIC.

Digital.CSIC beats 75,000 items [25/07/2013]
On July 23, 2013 Digital.CSIC reached 75,000 items with the deposit of preprint article "Terpenoids from Maytenus Species and Assessment of Their Reversal Activity against a Multidrug-Resistant Leishmania tropica Line". CSIC areas that boast more content freely available include Natural Resources, Physics, Agricultural Sciences and Humanities-Social Sciences.

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