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Guide to assess preservation processes in institutional research repositories [05/11/2020]
On the occasion of World Digital Preservation Day Spanish Network of Research Libraries (REBIUN) celebrates with the release of a Guide to assess preservation processes in institutional research repositories. The aim of the guide is to facilitate internal audits and the set up of digital preservation actions. It is based on the criteria set by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) and other good practices.

SPARC Europe publishes report about open research infrastructures [04/11/2020]
SPARC Europe has released the report Scoping the Open Science Infrastructure Landscape in Europe that explores the steady consolidation of a system based on interconnected and diverse open research infrastructures across Europe. The report is based on responses provided by 120 open infrastructures, including DIGITAL.CSIC, to surveys on governance and technical issues.

3rd All Hands Meeting of EOSC-SYNERGY project [21/09/2020]
EOSC-SYNERGY Consortium will hold its 3rd All Hands Meeting on September 22-25, 2020. The online event will discuss highlights and updates of past and current activities and brainstorm and plan ahead for future endeavors. EOSC-SYNERGY is a 3 year project that is contributing to the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by expanding national e-infrastructures across several countries and building human capacities in EOSC. Check EOSC-SYNERGY profile and deliverables at DIGITAL.CSIC.   

Overlay model for peer review on repositories - open for comments! [06/08/2020]
COAR together with other like minded initiatives have prepared an overlay model to standardize the management of peer review processes on top of Open Access repositories. The document presents some simple models and vocabularies for using standard notification protocols to achieve common interactions between repositories and overlay peer review, based on the use cases provided, including DIGITAL.CSIC. Public commenting until September 11, 2020.

Earth Science Collection added to EPOS [03/08/2020]
Since 2018 DIGITAL.CSIC has been collaborating with Geo3Bcn scientific community (formerly ICTJA) in order to publish and curate a rich collection of Earth Science datasets as a preliminary step to its inclusion in Earth Plate Observing System (EPOS), one research infrastructure under EOSC umbrella. These datasets have already been added to EPOS Multi-Scale Laboratories aggregator

New Sections about Support to Open Research at DIGITAL.CSIC website [17/07/2020]
A revised and expanded page about copyright management in an Open Science environment is already available at the repository website as well as a new page with a compilation of training materials by DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office. 

Job Opportunity at DIGITAL.CSIC [15/07/2020]
Do you have a Library/Information Sciences profile and an interest in Open Science and management of Open Access to research outputs, including data? Vacancy open under the framework of CSIC Youth Employment Initiative. More information at CSIC website.

DIGITAL.CSIC implements Scholix [07/07/2020]
Scholix is the consensus achieved by a number of organisations — journal publishers, data centres, global service providers — to create an open global information ecosystem to collect and exchange links between research data and literature. DIGITAL.CSIC has implemented Scholix so as to expose relations between its datasets and scientific literature in services like DataCite Event Data and ScholeXplorer.  

Application Open for the Course "Open Access and Reproducible Science" [02/06/2020]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office will deliver the course "Open Access and Reproducible Science" in Madrid on upcoming October 21-23. This will be the first edition of a course that will explore the fundamentals of Reproducible Science within the broader Open Science context and targets CSIC research community as well as research support technical staff. Application period is open until June 12. 

DIGITAL.CSIC Services and Support Pages Updated [02/06/2020]
A number of the repository's pages about services and support to institutional community have been revised. In particular, updated information can be found about CSIC Open Access Mandate, Authors, Research Groups and Projects Profiles, preparation of Data Management Plans and the Collection of DIGITAL.CSIC User Handbooks.  

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