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Open Access in the new Law for Science, Technology and Innovation in Spain [25/03/2011]
On March 16,2011 the Parliament approved the Draft Law which is to replace the Law for Science dated in 1986. In the new Law, the article 37 is devoted to open access to research and states that contents derived from research that has been publicly funded at large will be made public through open access repositories not later than 12 months after their official publication. Further, the public electronic version of these outputs may be used by Public Administration for evaluation purposes. The full text can be downloaded here

More than 30,000 items in Digital.CSIC [07/03/2011]
On March 3, 2011, the institutional repository hit the landmark of 30,000 items. At present, Digital.CSIC houses more than 23,000 articles and papers, more than 1,300 patents and 1,200 books parts, besides working papers, teaching and divulgative material, theses, and many other tipologies of research content.

New CSIC Abierto issue [22/02/2011]
The third issue of Digital.CSIC Bulletin is available here. CSIC Abierto gives account of CSIC research which is freely accessible through Digital.CSIC, updates on repository's news and disseminates resources of interest in the oen access movement. Highlights in this issue include an interview with Rafael Rodrigo, President of CSIC, and a focus on CSIC research devoted to historical memory and horror landscapes.

Partnership between CSIC Libraries Network and BioMed Central [01/02/2011]
CSIC Libraries Network has been working with BioMed Central for the last years to promote the publication in BMC journals by helping CSIC authors cover the related fees. In 2011 this partnership improves under the Shared Support framework which includes a 15% fidelity discount per article after which 50% of the publication fees are paid by authors and CSIC Libraries Network picks up the other 50%. More information here.

The Guide to upload works in Digital.CSIC updated [01/02/2011]
The Guide to upload works in the institutional repository has been updated to include details on how and under what circumstances the embargo feature may be used. This new version can be downloaded here.

Digital.CSIC keeps on improving in the Ranking Web of World Repositories [25/01/2011]
The January 2011 edition of Ranking Web of World Repositories shows a few novities, including  a higher number of repositories analyzed -more than 1,000- and the creation of a ranking of repositories in Europe, where Digital.CSIC stands in the 15th position. Compared to the previous edition, Digital.CSIC improves both in the world classification (jumping from 58 to 38) and in the top institutional ranking (climbing from 45 to 31).

Digital.CSIC contents harvested by [17/01/2011]
The international visibility and accessibility of research outputs archived in Digital.CSIC get enhanced through, a harvester of high quality scientific information. At present, indexes resources of more than 70 platforms and databases from 60+ countries, it is a service at no cost and most contents are available for free and in the open domain.

"The Challenge of Open Access" speech by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, available in Spanish [17/01/2011]
On December 2, 2010, on the occasion of the launch of EU-funded OpenAire project, Neelie Kroes delivered a memorable speech on open access benefits for scientists, libraries and society at large and how it has become a key theme in the work agenda of the European Commission in 2011. Digital.CSIC Technical Office has translated the speech into Spanish due to its great interest and significance.

Upcoming workshop by Digital.CSIC [05/01/2011]
Within the framework of the first call of CSIC Training Department for 2011, the repository's Technical Office will carry out the course "Digital.CSIC: Cataloguing with Dublin Core, copyright issues and publishers permissions. Measure, visibility and impact of scientific output" in Madrid on March 7-8-9. The workshop is open for CSIC community and applications are welcome from January 10.

Open access to research funded by 7th EU Framework Programme [07/12/2010]
As a result of EU Open Access Pilot Project, research funded by the FP7 will be made available through its corresponding institutional repository. The thematic areas covered by this initiative, as well as embargo period details and useful resources prepared by the Commission can be read here.

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