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DIGITAL.CSIC participates in e-IRG Workshop 2020 [02/06/2020]
On past May 25-26, the e-IRG Workshop was organised  as a series of 3 Workshops within the framework of Croatia's Presidency of the Council of the European Union. DIGITAL.CSIC was invited to speak within Webinar III: Making data and services FAIR with a presentation about practical implementation, challenges and recomendations to turn FAIR Principles into a reality in a multidisciplinary research performing organization. 

More than 200,000 CSIC research outputs in DIGITAL.CSIC [14/05/2020]
Last April 29. DIGITAL.CSIC hit the landmark of 200,000 outputs by CSIC research community. This infographic goes through the repository evolution in terms of contents and services since its inception in 2008 as a result of CSIC commitment to the Berlin Declaration until nowadays.   

DIGITAL.CSIC Template to Prepare DMPs for H2020 Projects [23/04/2020]
DIGITAL.CSIC Techncial Office has prepared a template to assist CSIC researchers who have to deliver a data management plan within their H2020 funded projects. Researchers should adapt this template according to the specificities of the data collections they will be using and creating during their project.

New route to open up DIGITAL.CSIC Researcher Profiles [16/04/2020]
From this week CSIC researchers are offered a new route to generate their DIGITAL.CSIC author profile by entering into GESBIB institutional application. This new route creates basic profiles that the researchers will be able to complete on DIGITAL.CSIC intranet, otherwise its Technical Office will take care of it. This route adds to the existing one explained in this Handbook.  

CSIC Abierto 20 Goes Live! [06/04/2020]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has published a new issue of CSIC Abierto Bulletin today. The issue highlights progress towards Open Science in 3 CSIC institutes, namely, ICV, ICMA and IPNA. It also includes a long interview with CNB researcher Lluís Montoliu about ongoing patent litigation around CRISPR. CSIC Abierto 20 completes with news about DIGITAL.CSIC content development campaigns.    

Remarkable increase in contents and web traffic in March 2020 [06/04/2020]
With nearly 4,000 items more available, DIGITAL.CSIC has experienced a significant increase in content in the month of March. This increase has been caused by the higher item upload rate by CSIC Libraries together with ongoing institutional campaign to comply wth CSIC Open Access Mandate. A clear increase in page visits and item downloads has also been observed. See more data.    

Special Collection about COVID-19 [24/03/2020]
DIGITAL.CSIC Special Collection COVID-19 gathers main institutional research outputs about COVID-19 and the broader collection of coronaviruses as a contribution to enhanced knowledge and access to related illnesses. This initiative is accompanied with the opening of public profiles of relevant CSIC Research Groups such as Coronavirus: replication, virus-host interactions, and protection

Slides of webinar about CSIC Open Access Mandate Available [05/03/2020]
The slides of the presentation "Compliance with CSIC Open Access Mandate: Recommended Methodology" delivered to CSIC Libraries Network on past March 3 are already available here.

Training for CSIC Libraries and Archives Network [25/02/2020]
Next March 3rd, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office will deliver a training targetting CSIC Libraries and Archives Network in order to explain the proposed methodology to contribute to complying with the Institutional Open Access Mandate. More details available at CSIC Libraries Network site.

Pasarela 2.0 Goes Live! [22/01/2020]
We are glad to announce the release of an updated version of Pasarela conCIENCIA > DIGITAL.CSIC. This service allows DIGITAL.CSIC Team and CSIC Libraries Network to retrieve and export metadata and valid associated files from institutional CRIS to the Open Access repository. Pasarela 2.0 is better integrated with both conCIENCIA and DIGITAL.CSIC, thus becoming a fundamental tool towards compliance of CSIC Open Access Mandate.

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