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FAQs about Institutional Open Access Mandate [20/05/2019]
These FAQs address the most frequently received questions about CSIC Open Access Mandate which entered into force past April 1st. This is a living document aimed to clarify CSIC researchers' obligations, institutional services available to comply with the mandate as well as the role of CSIC Libraries Network.

How to increase access of CSIC research on the web [07/05/2019]
Last April 26 DIGITAL.CSIC held a session about repository's services to help increase visibility and access to institutional research outputs in CMIMA headquarters in Barcelona. The session gave an overview of all types of data that DIGITAL.CSIC contains and may enrich CSIC institutes strategies to disseminate their work. In addition, main aspects of CSIC Open Access mandate were discussed.

Training Workshop on DIGITAL.CSIC Services for Institutional Community [01/04/2019]
DIGITAL.CSIC Team delivered a three day training workshop on repository services offered to institutional researcher and technical community at the end of March, 2019. The workshop highlighted emerging library services that support researchers during all phases of their projects and how DIGITAL.CSIC contributes to a shift towards an Open Science environment. The workshop focused on DIGITAL.CSIC policies and good practices regarding content development, copyright and FAIR data management

DIGITAL.CSIC takes part in Achieve ITN project meeting [12/03/2019]
DIGITAL.CSIC was invited to participate in EC-funded Achieve ITN project meeting at Microelectronics Institute in Seville on March 6, 2019 with a Seminar on Responsible Research and Innovation: Open Science. The presentation addressed FAIR data management and several issues about planning and sustaining open source and open hardware in research projects.

CSIC Abierto 18 features transition to an Open Access ecosystem [28/01/2019]
New CSIC Abierto issue spins around several hot topics in the transition to an Open Access ecosystem. The issue includes several interviews to CSIC researchers who share their views about the spread of the APC-based Open Access model and about opportunities to share and open research data and software. The issue closes with a focus on Libraria, a cooperative-based Open Access initiative.

Direct2AAM: Helping Authors Find Author Accepted Manuscripts [11/12/2018]
Open Access Button has created Direct2AAM, a free tool to make it easier for authors to self-archive simply, quickly, and correctly. The tool is a set of guides, available for most major journals, that provides easy to follow instructions for authors to obtain an Author Accepted Manuscript from their journal submission system.

Slides of Open Science Training Workshop Available [08/11/2018]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office delivered the training workshop "Open Science: Opportunities, challenges, tools" for CSIC scientific and technical staff in Madrid on October 29-31. The slides of Open Science: Principles, policies, components, good practices and Open Science: Tools are available in open access.  

"Infrastructures and Standards for Open Science" project kicks off [23/10/2018]
FECYT has recently launched the pilot project "Infrastructures and Standards for Open Science" in partnership with 3 public research organizations; CSIC, ISCIII and INIA. DIGITAL.CSIC takes part in this project which will enrich semantically outputs of research projects under the national Open Access mandate; will promote research data in institutional repositories and will integrate CVN public profiles in Open Access infrastructures. 

More than 1,000 researchers profiles at DIGITAL.CSIC [26/09/2018]
More than 1,000 researchers profiles have already been created within DIGITAL.CSIC infrastructure. This module is a powerful tool that builds customized profiles for CSIC researchers, integrates them with research outputs accessible at the repository, generates collaboration networks and provides with author-centered usage statistics. This handbook explains how to do it.

DIGITAL.CSIC Annual Report 2017 [16/08/2018]
More than 15,000 works were added to DIGITAL.CSIC in 2017 and the year closed with over 150,000 CSIC research outputs available. It is also worth noting that DIGITAL.CSIC received more than 25 million visits and around 16 million file downloads last year. Annual Report 2017 publishes data about training, open data management, services to CSIC community and participation in Open Access fora, studies and international and national initiatives. 

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