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Digital.CSIC beats 75,000 items [25/07/2013]
On July 23, 2013 Digital.CSIC reached 75,000 items with the deposit of preprint article "Terpenoids from Maytenus Species and Assessment of Their Reversal Activity against a Multidrug-Resistant Leishmania tropica Line". CSIC areas that boast more content freely available include Natural Resources, Physics, Agricultural Sciences and Humanities-Social Sciences.

CSIC Abierto 8 is Out [18/07/2013]
New issue of CSIC Abierto Bulletin is available. CSIC Institute of History and Institute of Sea Sciences are featured, with interviews to research and librarian staff. Main topics include new impact indicators and datasets in Digital.CSIC, Mediated Archiving Service, strategies to include the repository in institutes communication plans and partnerships with other initiatives. 

Digital.CSIC Annual Report 2012 [28/06/2013]
The Annual Report 2012 is already available in Spanish here. It gives an account of main activities carried out in the following areas: content strategies and growth, impact and online dissemination of deposited items, partnerships at national and international levels, and teaching, awareness raising and advocacy resources.

Digital.CSIC article published at SEBBM [25/06/2013]
"Scientific outputs, accessible for all audiences" gives an overview of motivations and context in which the open access movement was born and main accomplishments over the last 20 years and challenges for the future. You can download it here and follow the discussion online.

CSIC projects under open access policy of Madrid Autonomous Community [17/06/2013]
Since 2008, the Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM) encourages authors to deposit their final or revised versions of peer-reviewed articles resulting from funded projects in institutional repositories. Check here what CSIC projects under Biomedicine and Technologies areas fall within this policy. 

Digital.CSIC handbook on good practices in user-initiated digitization [04/06/2013]
The handbook on good practices in digitization for documents to upload into Digital.CSIC is already available here. These documents should meet a set of minimum quality requirements and the handbook gives an overview of main issues to consider.

Registration open for next Digital.CSIC workshop [03/06/2013]
From today until June 14 it is possible to apply for next Digital.CSIC workshop "Open access, copyright issues and new research impact measures" to be held at URICI headquarters in Madrid on October 21-22. The workshop targets both scientific and librarian communities at CSIC.  

Video tutorial on Mediated Archiving Service [14/05/2013]
Since 2011 the Mediated Archiving Service has been part of library services provided by CSIC network. Thanks to this service, CSIC authors may delegate the uploading of their works on their library community. Deposit your research outputs through your library explains the whys and hows.

Science Europe publishes its Open Access Principles [03/05/2013]
Science Europe has released its Statement and Principles for the Transition to Open Access to Scientific Publications as approved by its 51 Member Organisations, including CSIC. The principles are the basis for a common approach by major public Research Organisations in Europe to making the results of publicly funded scientific research available via Open Access. Founded in 2011, open access plays a relevant role in Science Europe agenda.

New statistics and impact indicators in Digital.CSIC [18/04/2013]
In addition to usage statistics and in-house module the repository offers open access statistics at scientific area, institute, typology and deposit year levels. Further, new impact and relational indicators enrich single items, including WoK, PubMed, PMC and Altmetrics as data sources. 

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