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Conclusions of PEER Economics Research Report [01/03/2012]
EU-funded PEER project (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research) has explored the impact of massive self-archiving (Green Open Access) from different angles. PEER Economics Research Report, recently released, addresses this issue by associating economic costs with the management and sustainability of repositories and publishing initiatives. Digital.CSIC is one of the repositories studied.

WorldCat indexes Digital.CSIC collections [13/02/2012]
From now, Digital.CSIC items can be also discovered from WorldCat, the largest network of libraries content and services in the world and 1.5+ billion items indexed. WorldCat adds to other specialised platforms that harvest Digital.CSIC items, such as WorldWideScience and BASE.

Time for new scientific communication models [01/02/2012]
This article analyzes the origin and consequences of the open, free and permanent access to publicly funded research outputs and the reasons why the scientific communication model which is more concerned about economic profit than about the social value of dissemination of science is contested.

New list of CSIC projects under European open access policies [18/01/2012]
A new list of CSIC research projects under 7FP open access pilot project or ERC is available here. Digital.CSIC has prepared a brief guide with more details and both the repository's Technical Office and libraries assist in their fulfilment.  

New CSIC Abierto issue [16/01/2012]
CSIC Abierto 5 is already available here. This issue features scientific and librarian communities at the School of Arab Studies (EEA) and the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology (IRNASA) and informs about other Digital.CSIC related news and resources of interest, such as Liquid Pub, an open access IIIA project.

Upcoming Digital.CSIC training workshop [02/01/2012]
The registration for the workshop Digital.CSIC: Dublin Core cataloguing, management of authors' rights and publishers permissions policies. Measure. visibility and impact of scientific outputs (March 12-13-14) will be open on January 9-20. This course falls within CSIC Training Department and institutional librarian and scientific communities may apply. More on CSIC intranet.

Digital.CSIC reaches 40,000 items [13/12/2011]
On December 13, 2011, Digital.CSIC reached its goal of 40,000 items for the year. The deposit of 12,127 new items this year has been accomplished by the mediated archiving by the repository's Technical Office and CSIC libraries and from self-archiving by researchers.

Spain's Law of Science comes into force [12/12/2011]
Spain's new Law of Science, Technology and Innovation came into force on December 3, 2011, thus replacing the one dated in 1986. It is worth of noting its Article 37, which foresees the dissemination through open access repositories of publications resulting from nationally funded research projects.

CSIC supports arXiv sustainability [28/11/2011]
Through its Unit of Scientific Resources for Research (URICI), CSIC supports the long term sustainability strategy for 20 year old arXiv, the thematic repository which provides open access to thousands of research outputs in the subfield of Physics of High Energy. By contributing to arXiv Support Program, CSIC acknowledges the value of open access to science and the wide usage that CSIC community makes of this tool.  CSIC becomes the first Spain's scientific institution to join the program. 

Main conclusions of Spain's Public Research Organizations and OA Seminar [10/11/2011]
On October 24, 2011, technical staff and librarians from Spain's public research organizations as well as representatives from Spain's Ministry of Science and Innovation and its Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) gathered to address work done by each research organization in the bulding of institutional repositories, common challenges and areas for collaboration, and the implications of the Open Access Article in new Spain's Law of Science (2011). Read the report.

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