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A new paradigm for research libraries [04/12/2012]
La biblioteca de investigación y su aportación al desarrollo de la actividad de I+D+i, recently published in ITEM, analyzes the paradigm shift by research libraries over the last few years. In concrete, the article addresses new challenges and agendas that place these libraries as a central service to carry out research activities. Enabling open access to institutional research outputs falls within these new roles.

New issue of CSIC Abierto out now [15/11/2012]
CSIC Abierto 7 is available here and includes OA stories by CSIC Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA) and Institute of Marine Research (IIM), Digital.CSIC Researchers Testimonial Campaign, more news about the institutional repository and selected resources of interest.

International Open Access Week 2012 [22/10/2012]
This year Digital.CSIC takes part in the International Open Access Week by launching a campaign in which CSIC researchers talk about how open access improves scholarly communication and why they participate in the institutional repository. The European Science Foundation-Euroean Medical Research Council Policy Briefing Open Access in Biomedical Research has also been released this week. Digital.CSIC has been part of its Task Force.

Presentations of CSIC-SEDIC workshop 2012 available [15/10/2012]
The presentations of the workshop "Management of copyright issues in an open access environment. Open access policies and new models for measure, impact and evaluation of research", held in Madrid on October 2-3, 2012 as a partnership between CSIC and SEDIC can be accessed in Digital.CSIC.

New listing with CSIC projects under European Open Access mandates [28/08/2012]
The list with newly funded CSIC projects by either the EC 7th Framework Program or the European Research Council and affected by their OA mandates is available here. Under the description of the item stand the references of previous listings. Digital.CSIC Guide gives an overview of main OA mandates with an impact on CSIC research outputs.

New Edition of Webometrics Repositories Ranking [03/08/2012]
Digital.CSIC improves in the July 2012 Edition of the Ranking Web of World Repositories in the categories of institutional repositories (from 27 to 24 position), repositories in Europe (from 14 to 8 position) and top repositories (from 35 to 24 position). The number of analyzed repositories varies amongst categories: 1440, 100 and 1522, respectively.

Digital.CSIC hits 50,000 works [24/07/2012]
On July 19, 2012, Digital.CSIC hit its first 50,000 records, with the upload of Dynamics of elastic excitable media. Digital.CSIC provides open access to over 75% of scientific and technical outputs housed and a large percentage of uploads are enabled through the Mediated Archiving Service by CSIC libraries community. The repository gives open access to CSIC current and past research. 

New issue of CSIC Abierto [16/07/2012]

CSIC Abierto 6 is already available here. On this occasion, we talk with scientific and librarian communities at Doñana Biological Station, Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes and Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry about open access to research outputs. The issue complestes with news and new useful resources by Digital.CSIC, CSIC Libraries Network and other initiatives of interest.

Out now: Digital.CSIC Annual Report 2011 [03/07/2012]
Digital.CSIC Annual Report 2011 gives an overview of main achievements through the year, including strategy for content growth, new functionalities and value added services for end-users, awareness raising and capacity building amonsgt CSIC researchers and libraries, dissemination and outreach efforts and institutional, international and national partnerships.

Interview to Jean François Dechamp [08/06/2012]
The second interview of the Digital.CSIC OA Interviews Collection is devoted to European Commission open access policy. Jean François Dechamp, Policy Officer at the DG Research and Innovation, comments on preliminary results of 7FP OA Pilot Project and next steps at the Commission as regards OA mandate for Horizon2020, open data, and other action lines. The interview is available in English and Spanish here

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