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New listing with CSIC projects under European Commission Open Access policy [05/04/2013]
16 new CSIC projects recently approved under the Seventh Framework Programme fall within the EC open access mandate. Thus far, there are more than 100 CSIC projects whose grant agremeents include 39 clause about dissemination of resulting articles in open access. Check them all here.

Presentations of Digital.CSIC workshop available [02/04/2013]
The 3 presentations of the workshop "Digital.CSIC: Content development. Copyright management. Impact of science in open access", held under CSIC Training Framework Programme in Madrid (March 20-22, 2013), are available.

Digital.CSIC launches channel at YouTube [01/04/2013]
Through this site Digital.CSIC will share news and developments about CSIC institutional repository. For the time being, there are 4 sections in place (about us, awareness raising, statistics and promotional videos). Check them at

CSIC OA Fund Updated [25/03/2013]
CSIC fund to support authors to publish in Biomed Central, Chemistry Central and Springer Open is again available, after a short parenthesis. Further, RSC Gold for Gold initiative adds to the program, thus allowing authors to publish open access articles in RSC journals at no additional cost. The degree of fulfilment of funded authors' obligation with Digital.CSIC will be considered for approval of future support. Due to limited resources, just one article per author will be allowed per year. Read these updates here.

Presentations of ERC seminar on OA available [27/02/2013]
The presentations of the Workshop on Open Access infrastructures in the Social Sciences and Humanities organized by the European Research Council on February 6-7, 2013 can be found here. Digital.CSIC took part in the final round table discussion devoted to adequate OA business models in this research area.

New edition of Ranking Webometrics for Repositories [14/02/2013]
First 2013 edition of the Ranking is out and Digital.CSIC continues to improve positions in both Top Institutionals (from 24 to 15) and World (from 24 to 22). These classifications analyze 1567 and 1654 repositories respectively. More details available here.

Report on management and reuse of research data in open access [28/01/2013]
RECOLECTA working group "Archiving and Management of Research Data in Open Access" has just published a technical report on main considerations and good practices to manage and reuse scientific data, including an overview of ongoing initiatives in Spain. You can download the report here.

Digital.CSIC hits 60,000 items [16/01/2013]
On January 10, Digital.CISC reached this landmark with the upload of Girls' and boys' choices of peer behavioral characteristics at age five. All CSIC research areas are growingly represented in the repository, being Natural Resources (23%), Social Sciences and Humanities (17%), Agricultural Sciences (14%) and Physical Sciences and Technologies (13%) at top positions.

Upcoming registration for new Digital.CSIC workshop [08/01/2013]
The workshop ""Digital.CSIC: Desarrollo de contenidos. Gestión de copyright. Impacto de la ciencia en acceso abierto" will be held in Madrid on March 20-22, 2013. The workshop targets CSIC staff interested in open access issues and functioning of Digital.CSIC. Registration open January 14-25 here.

A new paradigm for research libraries [04/12/2012]
La biblioteca de investigación y su aportación al desarrollo de la actividad de I+D+i, recently published in ITEM, analyzes the paradigm shift by research libraries over the last few years. In concrete, the article addresses new challenges and agendas that place these libraries as a central service to carry out research activities. Enabling open access to institutional research outputs falls within these new roles.

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