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Now available: CSIC Abierto 12 [20/04/2015]
CSIC Abierto 12 comes full of stories of CSIC researchers and technical staff engaging with open access mandates, enhanced uses of DIGITAL.CSIC as a research dissemination tool and new services of research libraries. The issue completes with the newest DIGITAL.CSIC training and outreach material and highlights of other open access projects.

Slides of Open Data Workshop Out [23/03/2015]
On March 16-17, 2015 the first edition of DIGITAL.CSIC workshop "Management, open access and preservation of research data" was held in order to give an overview of main issues at stake and support CSIC community to enable open access to this type of scientific outputs. The slides of the workshop are available here.  

DIGITAL.CSIC joins ISIDORE as data provider [23/02/2015]
ISIDORE is a harvester of open access research outputs in Humanities and Social Sciences that is undertaking an ambitious project to promote multilingualism and metadata enhancement. On January 26, 2015 DIGITAL.CSIC became its first data provider of research in Spanish. More information here

DIGITAL.CSIC contribution to OpenAire [09/02/2015]
OpenAire is a research infrastructure funded by the European Commission which indexes outputs of EC/ERC funded projects and analyzes their degree of compliance with their open access policies. DIGITAL.CSIC ranks amongst the 10 top providers of publications resulting from projects under such policies. More information in the OpenAire Newsletter.

DIGITAL.CSIC in the 2015 edition of Ranking Web of Repositories [02/02/2015]
DIGITAL.CSIC climbs up steeply in the 16th edition of Ranking Web of Repositories. Improvements are visible at the institutional (7th position), European (5th position), and World (12 position) classifications and it becomes the best positioned amongst repositories in Spain. All details here.

Overview of Open Access Fund 2014 [30/01/2015]
In 2014 CSIC researchers published 100 articles under the Institutional Fund to support open access. As part of their obligations, funded researchers commit themselves to making their recent scientific outputs available in open access via DIGITAL.CSIC. More details here.

Registration for new DIGITAL.CSIC workshop [07/01/2015]
DIGITAL.CSIC launches the first edition of the training workshop "Management, open access publishing and preservation of research data" to be held in Madrid on March 16-17, 2015. Registration will be open for CSIC community between January 12-23 through the institutional website

New Issue of CSIC Abierto Out [02/12/2014]
This new issue includes interviews and other contributions by researchers from the Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography, the Institute of History and the Royal Botanical Garden along with an interview to Neelie Kroes, news about the repository and other open access initiatives.

More than 100,000 items in DIGITAL.CSIC [18/11/2014]
On November 12, 2014 DIGITAL.CSIC surpassed 100,000 items. 63% of them provide open access to their corresponding works and by resource types, peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, datasets and working papers are those with the highest open access share. Social Sciences/Humanities, Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences are the most open access enablers. too. 

Resulting outputs of DIGITAL.CSIC Seminar available [03/11/2014]
All the presentations and a summary with main outcomes of the Seminar "New systems for scientific evaluation, peer review and open access" can be accessed from the repository.

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