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News about preprints and research software on DIGITAL.CSIC [29/05/2018]
As a step forward in its support for Open Science, DIGITAL.CSIC has started to mint DOIs to two growingly important resource types, namely, preprints and software. In addition, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has prepared a model template to ease meaningful descriptions of research software. The template is accessible here

CSIC Abierto 17 Out [22/05/2018]
This new issue of our bulletin brings a new design and addresses three hot topics in open access repositories: management and access to research software, implementation of open science projects and open peer reviews and the future of scholarly evaluation system.

Registration open for the Workshop "Open Science: Opportunities, good practices and tools" [10/05/2018]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office will deliver a new workshop entitled "Open Science: Opportunities, good practices and tools" next October 29-30-31. This workshop is part of CSIC Training Programme for institutional community and registration is open from May 14 through May 25 on CSIC website intranet.

How to comply with Open Access mandates through DIGITAL.CSIC? [10/05/2018]
On April 20 and 27, 2018 DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office organized two webinars for CSIC scientific and technical community to explain main components of open access mandates by H2020 and Spain's National Research Plan and H2020 open data pilot programme as well as DIGITAL.CSIC services.

Open Access in new National Research Plan [16/04/2018]
National Research Plan 2017-2020 of Spain's Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness identifies Open Access and Open Science as key elements for the generation of knowledge and research infrastructures. The new Plan includes important advances in favor of Open Access to publications and research data, reinforces their role in scientific evaluation and highlights opportunities to create a new research infrastructure. Learn more.

Slides of Advanced Course on Data Management and Publishing [21/03/2018]
On March 12-14, 2018 DIGITAL.CSIC Team delivered an advanced course to explore main issues when it comes to creating management plans, curating data according to global standards and making research data available under open data licenses. First part of the course analyzed good practices and data policy of DIGITAL.CSIC repository as well as recommendations to comply with H2020 open data requirements. The second part focused on various tools to manage and visualize data.  

Open Access to research projects in Tierra del Fuego [26/02/2018]
Between 1986 and 2005, CSIC Milà i Fontanals Institution, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Austral Center for Scientific Research and CONICET carried out several research projects on the Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). The Spanish base team evaluated and developed archaeological methodologies commonly used in the investigation of prehistoric societies. The PROETNO and ANAME collections give access to the results during different phases of the projects life cycle.

DIGITAL.CSIC joins Pubmed LinkOut Initiative [22/01/2018]
LinkOut aims to facilitate access to relevant online resources in order to extend, clarify, and supplement information found in NCBI databases. DIGITAL.CSIC joins this global initiative whereby links to articles available in open access in the repository will be included to Pubmed on a regular basis. The list of all LinkOut full-text providers is here.    

Registration Open for new Research Data Workshop [09/01/2018]
Registration for the Advanced Workshop on Management and Publishing of Open Research Data will be open until next January 19th. The workshop will be delivered by DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office and will take place in Madrid (March 12-14, 2018). The workshop will give a detailed overview on current trends in Open Data management and will include practical session with several tools.  

New CSIC Abierto Issue Out [22/12/2017]
CSIC Abierto 16 includes interviews with CSIC scientific and technical staff about compliance with ERC Open Access mandate, opinions about APCs market, journals data policies and use of DIGITAL.CSIC services and participation in PARTHENOS project. The issue completes with news about the repository and a focus on RePEC 20th anniversary.

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