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Digital.CSIC at IFLA 2010
This year IFLA Conference (Goteborg, August 10-15) was devoted to open access under the motto "Open Access to Knowledge: Promoting Sustainable Progress". Digital.CSIC presented "Digital.CSIC: Opening access to premier scientific research in Spain" at the poster sessions on August 12-13. The poster can be downloaded here.

CSIC Abierto, the new Digital.CSIC Newsletter
"CSIC Abierto" gives account of the richness and the variety of scientific outputs that are available in Digital.CSIC and highlights the work done by CSIC centers and institutes and their scientific and librarian communities to make Digital.CSIC grow. "CSIC Abierto" also includes news about Digital.CSIC as well as issues of interest around open access to scientific research in the world. The first issue of "CSIC Abierto" is available here

Digital.CSIC in the Ranking Web of World Repositories
The July 2010 edition of Ranking Web of World Repositories has just been published and Digital.CSIC remains stable in both general and institutional listings, in spite of the remarkable increase in the number of repositories analyzed. More information is available at Webometrics.

Digital.CSIC policies published
Digital.CSIC policies have just been made available on our web. These policies define Digital.CSIC action lines as regards content and collection development, services, metadata and data reuse, items submission, modification and elimination, statistics, preservation and formats, and privacy issues. These policies will help our users know Digital.CSIC better and go in line with best practices promoted at the international level. The pdf version can be downloaded here.

Digital.CSIC in Seville
CSIC repository's Technical Office will hold the session "Digital.CSIC: News, developments, procedures" at the Main Meeting Room of the Center of Scientific Research Isla de La Cartuja on July 2nd from 10:00 to 12:45. This meeting targets both librarians and researchers of CSIC centers in Seville.  

Digital.CSIC takes part in the making of Alhambra Declaration on Open Access
On May 13-14, 2010 delegations from France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey gathered in Granada to discuss open access and design a roadmap to promote common policies in Southern Europe. Delegations included representatives from all open access stakeholder communities (public administration, funding agencies, universities and research centers, librarians, publishers and researchers). The Alhambra Declaration is the first outcome of this seminar organised by FECYT in collaboration with SELL and hosted by CSIC.   

Digital.CSIC - 12 Jornades Catalanes d'Informació i Documentació (May 19-20, 2010)
Digital.CSIC participated in this seminar to highlight developments thus far. After only two years of life, the institutional repository DIGITAL.CSIC is one of the most important in Spain. From the beginning, the CSIC Libraries Coordination Unit has made a big effort to give to their libraries an outstanding weight in this project. Quantitative data are shown to known the rol that have had the 23 centres and 11 libraries maintained by the CSIC at Catalonia. Finally, some suggestions are proposed to consolidate DIGITAL.CSIC in this autonomous community +

New set of statistics on Digital.CSIC
Digital.CSIC puts at the disposal of its users a new set of statistics that enriches the usage repository data with general and per CSIC center/institute statistics. Our new statistics are an innovation of the facilities provided by DSpace on this respect, offer a much higher granularity and show growth trends as well as impact of available research.

Digital.CSIC Annual Report 2009
In an attempt to disseminate activities and outcomes achieved by Digital.CSIC, its Annual Report 2009 is now available online. This is the first year that Digital.CSIC Technical Office has published a report of its activities and we hope that you will enjoy its content and will like its design. The Annual report is available in Spanish and English and can be downloaded in pdf (1MB) from our homepage.     

Improvements on searches on Digital.CSIC
In order to improve visualization on Digital.CSIC interface and to make search and location of scientific information easier, distortion observed in names with diacritical signs on the authors list has been corrected. As a result, names with such marks show now in their rightful place in the alphabetical listing, thus facilitating the search for documents by author. Further improvements in this direction will take place in the coming months.

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