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New sections with resources of interest on DIGITAL.CSIC website [26/06/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC website has gone through a major update in order to collect current resources of interest and tools for researchers and libraries. In concrete, there are dedicated pages to Open Access Publishing, Open Data, Open Science, Open Access Mandates, Open Access Impact, DIGITAL.CSIC Handbooks and many more.

DIGITAL.CSIC releases its Annual Report 2016 [19/06/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC Annual Report 2016 highlights main achievements as far as content growth and diversification and innovative services for end-users are concerned. The report also covers outcomes of the repository's partnerships with other like-minded initiatives and training and communications activities.

New CSIC Abierto Issue Out [11/05/2017]
CSIC Abierto 15 features how CSIC institutes have integrated the repository into their scientific communication strategies so as to maximize impact of their research outputs, enhance dissemination of non traditional research outcomes and test innovative ways to share projects. The issue also includes an interview with Open Access Button team.

DIGITAL.CSIC Workshop on Open Science [26/04/2017]
Open Science advocates for making science more collaborative and using new channels and tools to disseminate and share knowledge. Its innovative approach covers the entire research process to increase science quality, transparency and effectiveness and better align it with social challenges. The slides of "Introduction to Open Science" workshop address topics and tools of interest.

Slides of COAR Controlled Vocabularies Webinar in Spanish [23/03/2017]
On March 16, 2017 COAR in partnership with La Referencia held the webinar Vocabularios Controlados para Repositorios: Objetivos y Avances del Grupo de Trabajo COAR. The speakers are members of the Editorial Board of this COAR Working Group that promotes enhanced interoperability amongst repositories and other infrastructures on the web by using multilingual controlled vocabularies. A special emphasis was put on the current version of types of research outputs vocabulary and ongoing work with other vocabularies.

Open Access, Open Data and Horizon2020. DIGITAL.CSIC Services [08/03/2017]
On March 1, 2017 DIGITAL.CSIC delivered a webinar for its institutional community in order to explain key points of the H2020 Open Access Mandate to Publications and Open Data Pilot and describe what services the repository provides to support CSIC researchers to meet the requirements. You can download the slides of  Acceso Abierto a Publicaciones y Datos en Horizonte2020. Servicios de DIGITAL.CSIC.

Handbook to Open Author Profiles [16/02/2017]
Opening author profiles is one new service in DIGITAL.CSIC and gives the opportunity to CSIC researchers to better showcase their research activity, link profiles with their works available in the repository and benefit from value-added services including aggregated usage statistics and network maps. The Handbook to Open Author Profiles provides with step by step instructions and some recommendations.

New OPRM article published in code4lib [31/01/2017]
OPRM: Challenges to Including Open Peer Review in Open Access Repositories examines technical developments of the Module and functioning of its associated submodule for new reputation metrics as well as an analysis of real cases gathered by the 2 participating  repositories and feedback received from their institutional scientific community. The article closes with the identification of issues for further focus by the OPRM team.

Funders' DOIs in DIGITAL.CSIC items [26/01/2017]
In December 2016 DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office started to enrich the repository bibliographic records including information about research funders with their DOIs. Crossref Open Funder Registry is the source to retrieve and batch import these DOIs into DIGITAL.CSIC items.

Registration Open for "Introduction to Open Science" Workshop [10/01/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC will deliver the first edition of the "Introduction to Open Science" workshop in Madrid on April 3-4, 2017. The event falls within the Annual Training Agenda for CSIC scientific and technical staff. The registration is open until next January 20 at the institutional platform.

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