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New tool to track projects under open access mandates [20/07/2016]
In order to facilitate compliance with open access mandates, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has developed a tool that searches institutional projects under such obligations across several filters. Access is restricted through the repository's intranet.

Altmetrics and open reviews at DIGITAL.CSIC [29/06/2016]
In June DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office carried out a couple of activities to raise awareness about the implementation of innovative services for researchers. First, a presentation delivered at the Open Repositories Conference explained the Open Peer Review Module Project while a webinar co-organised by EIFL/COAR/OpenAire and DIGITAL.CSIC shared experiences on the use of Altmetric and real cases of open reviews and annotations

Special issue on Community of Madrid open access mandate at new CSIC Abierto [26/05/2016]
CSIC Abierto 13 focuses on the compliance of the Community of Madrid open access mandate by featuring GEOMATERIALES and TIRONET, 2 CSIC projects on Cultural Heritage and Biomedicine funded by the regional agency. Likewise, the bulletin includes interviews to 2 researchers at IMEDEA institute and new services for scientists available in the institutional repository.

DOIs assignation to datasets in DIGITAL.CSIC [18/05/2016]
CSIC joined DataCite at the end of 2015 and as a result, DIGITAL.CSIC has started to assign DOIs to the new datasets uploaded in the repository. DOIs of these new items generate automatically shortly after their submission into the repository. In addition, these items will be able to display Altmetric indicators, if any.

Slides of Open Peer Review Module for Repositories Out [05/05/2016]
The official launch of the Open Peer Review Module for Institutional Repositories took place in an international event at the Royal Botanical Garden on April 27, 2016. The presentations by the OPRM team, with first achievements and experiences with the module as well as by invited speakers can be donwloaded from the OPRM2016 workshop web site.

New DIGITAL.CSIC presentations [05/04/2016]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office delivered a training workshop for CSIC scientific and technical community last week. DIGITAL.CSIC: good practices and standards for research outputs description and new services, DIGITAL.CSIC: Science reuse and copyright management and DIGITAL.CSIC: Open access mandates and emerging indicators in Science in transition are available.

Recommendations to comply with H2020 Open Access mandate [15/03/2016]
On March 3-4 the European project NCP_WIDE_NET, whose aim is to set up a network of national contact points so as to promote scientific excellence and wide participation in H2020, organised a Workshop on Legal and Financial Aspects. DIGITAL.CSIC took part with a presentation about recommendations for researchers to comply with H2020 Open Access mandate and institutional services to support them.

A sneak preview of upcoming Annual Report 2015 [08/03/2016]
DIGITAL.CSIC registered progress in terms of content development, technology upgrade, new services for end-users and quality certification in 2015. This video and this poster give a brief account.

DIGITAL.CSIC in the Ranking Web of Repositories 2016 first edition [28/01/2016]
Last January the first 2016 edition of the Ranking Webometrics was published. Digital.CSIC begins 2016 with the following positions: 14 at institutional level (out of 2.205 repositories analyzed), 19 at world level (out of 2.297) and 7 in the European ranking (out of 910). All details here.

DIGITAL.CSIC has been awarded the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) [17/12/2015]
In December 2015 Digital.CSIC, the institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has got the Data Seal of Approval, becoming the first that win this award in Spain. The Data Seal of Approval was established by a number of institutions committed to the long-term archiving of research data. The DSA is awarded by an international board of data repositories to those organizations who meet the national and international guidelines for digital data archiving. The objectives of the Data Seal of Approval are to safeguard data, to ensure high quality and to guide reliable management of data for the future without requiring the implementation of new standards, regulations or high costs. Digital.CSIC works every day to improve. Thanks everybody to make it possible! Further information about DSA

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