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Welcome to DIGITAL.CSIC, the institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council.

DIGITAL.CSIC organizes, preserves and provides open access to CSIC research outputs.

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Training materials of "Pillars for the Advancement of Open Science" course available [20/09/2023]
The training materials of the CSIC-UIMP summer course "Pillars for the Advancement of Open Science" are available in this collection. The course has addressed the different dimensions of Open Science from a holistic and multidisciplinary perspective to help identify and understand the major issues proposed by this new paradigm to produce, manage, evaluate, disseminate and exploit research results.

Let us not reinvent the wheel: Institutional repositories as innovative publishing infrastructures [24/08/2023]
We are pleased to share our publication titled "No-pay publishing: use institutional repositories" (Nature Correspondence, July 25th, 2023). This letter is a contribution to the ongoing debate about an “open, equitable, and sustainable scholarly publishing system” without costs to readers or authors, which has been revitalized by the recent recommendations of the EU Council. The objective of our contribution is to demonstrate that the infrastructure required to realize the vision of free and sustainable scholarly publishing is already available. Read the full announcement here

REBIUN Report on DSpace Repositories in Spain Out [07/06/2023]
REBIUN Repositories Working Group has released the report Marcos de calidad y autoevaluación para repositorios institucionales: resultados de la encuesta a repositorios DSpace españoles. This is the outcome of the analysis of surveyed repositories about their main features and Dspace functionalities as well as own technological developments and services. The report has been elaborated by members in the WG Action to improve DSpace repositories and COAR Community Framework for Good Practices in Repositories has been used for benchmarking.

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