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Welcome to DIGITAL.CSIC, the institutional repository of the Spanish National Research Council.

DIGITAL.CSIC organizes, preserves and provides open access to CSIC research outputs.

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Process open to identify candidates to work in DIGITAL.CSIC [24/11/2023]
Today the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities announced the 2023 Call for applications for Technical Support Staff (PTA) for research in universities and research organizations in Spain. The call is aimed at university graduates and the employment contracts of the personnel incorporated will have a duration of three years. A process to identify interested candidates is open until December 7. More information here.

DIGITAL.CSIC celebrates Open Access Week 2023 [31/10/2023]
This year the Open Access Week has encouraged a conversation about which approaches to open scholarship prioritize the best interests of the public and the academic community—and which do not. DIGITAL.CSIC has joined the celebrations with a series of interviews around research data management, training events focused on open access and responsible research and innovation and a poster in the II Conference on Diamond Open Access. Access all the resources here.

DIGITAL.CSIC partners with IFCA on a climate change data intensive initiative [18/10/2023]
IFCA is actively involved in the development of the Interactive Atlas of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The collaboration with the institutional repository includes the opening of the (IFCA) AR6 Interactive Atlas Dataset collection, the standardized description of its data sets, the assignment of DOIs, the use of the DIGITAL.CSIC README file and the storage of files for their access and conservation. Other value-added services include reporting on the “FAIRness” of datasets by using the FAIR EVA tool and collection of usage statistics. Further details here.

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