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"Tools and Standards for Open Science" training materials [08/06/2022]
Last May 25-27, we delivered the online training workshop "Tools and Standards for Open Science" as part of CSIC Training Programme 2022. The workshop focused on a wide range of free tools to search for open access contents; make publications open access via repositories, journals and innovative infrastructures; disseminate preprints and support open peer reviews; curate research data and software in line with FAIR Principles, and manage science from an ethics perspective. The course also addressed standards and good practices by disciplines.

COAR Annual Meeting in CSIC [08/06/2022]
On last May 17-20, we had the pleasure to host COAR Annual Meeting 2022, the first one in a hybrid format since its first edition in 2010. The meeting was strategic for COAR member repositories to discuss progress in all COAR main work areas to enable the next generation of open access repositories. During the meeting COAR announced significant funding by Arcadia Foundation to support peer review services on top of repositories via COAR Notify project.  

Horizon Europe, Open Science Practices and DIGITAL.CSIC Services [25/04/2022]
The slides of the webinar Horizon Europe, Open Science Practices and DIGITAL.CSIC Services delivered on last April 22 are already available here. The event went through the mandatory and recommended Open Science practices set by new funding programme Horizon Europe as well as related DIGITAL.CSIC support services.

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