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DIGITAL.CSIC joins Pubmed LinkOut Initiative [22/01/2018]
LinkOut aims to facilitate access to relevant online resources in order to extend, clarify, and supplement information found in NCBI databases. DIGITAL.CSIC joins this global initiative whereby links to articles available in open access in the repository will be included to Pubmed on a regular basis. The list of all LinkOut full-text providers is here.    

Registration Open for new Research Data Workshop [09/01/2018]
Registration for the Advanced Workshop on Management and Publishing of Open Research Data will be open until next January 19th. The workshop will be delivered by DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office and will take place in Madrid (March 12-14, 2018). The workshop will give a detailed overview on current trends in Open Data management and will include practical session with several tools.  

New CSIC Abierto Issue Out [22/12/2017]
CSIC Abierto 16 includes interviews with CSIC scientific and technical staff about compliance with ERC Open Access mandate, opinions about APCs market, journals data policies and use of DIGITAL.CSIC services and participation in PARTHENOS project. The issue completes with news about the repository and a focus on RePEC 20th anniversary.

New template to describe datasets [07/12/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has updated its template with recommendations to describe datasets upon submission into the repository. The new template puts the emphasis on metadata that provide contextual information that is essential in order to interpret, analyze and reuse datasets properly. DIGITAL.CSIC has been minting DOIs for datasets since May 2016.

DIGITAL.CSIC Training to hospital librarians [17/11/2017]
On November 14, 2017 DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office delivered a training workshop targeting librarians in Hospitals and other Health institutions from the region of Madrid. This initiative has been organized by the Spanish National Library of Medicine, BiblioMadSalud and the National Health School and the workshop focused on Open Access routes and current trends in the field of Clinical Medicine and Health Sciences.  

DIGITAL.CSIC Open in order to... [23/10/2017]
The theme of this year's Open Access Week is "Open in order to..." and will pay attention to the benefits of openness for audiences beyond academia. DIGITAL.CSIC has put in place Share your Open Access Story portal in order to showcase the many types of the repository's end-users and the variety of reuse cases. Watch the video!

New DIGITAL.CSIC Training Resources [02/10/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC Team delivered a new workshop about Open Access and the institutional repository for CSIC scientific and techncial staff on September 25-26-27, 2017. The slides of the 3-day event are already available: DIGITAL.CSIC: buenas prácticas, estándares en la descripción de recursos y estrategias de carga, DIGITAL.CSIC: Nuevos servicios para la comunidad científica y gestión de propiedad intelectual y DIGITAL.CSIC: Nuevos servicios para la comunidad científica y cumplimiento de mandatos de acceso abierto.  

New Collection about a landmark publication by Aula Dei Experimental Station [18/09/2017]
We have recently launched a dedicated collection about the "Anales de la Estación Experimental de Aula Dei", a landmark publication of this CSIC institute during the period ranging from 1948 to 1998 and well known amongst national and international readers. The publication focused on vegetal agriculture and its inclusion in the repository intends to enhance its access on the web and preserve it for future generations. 

Inclusion of funders' DOIs in DIGITAL.CSIC items [06/09/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office has completed a new batch inclusion of funders' DOIs into its items. The repository has been adding controlled terms for science funders since 2014 and periodically records get enriched with metadata with their DOIs. More than 30,000 items in the repository already carry this information. 

Now it’s your turn! Share your Open Access story [07/08/2017]
DIGITAL.CSIC offers you the possibility to tell us how the global community of users (scientists from other institutions, students, libraries, other social sectors, ordinary citizens ...) has benefited from accessing open access content through DIGITAL.CSIC and the uses that give CSIC’s researchers to the repository. A first selection of stories is already available at CSIC Abierto, issue number 14.

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