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Bertranpetit, Jaume
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CSIC-UPF - Instituto de Biología Evolutiva (IBE)
Genética de Poblaciones. Grupo: Biología Evolutiva y de Sistemas
I am a biologist interested in evolution using genomics as a tool. My goal is to approach our own evolutionary history and to understand the basic mechanisms having been acting in shaping our past. A main interest is to understand adaptation though the detection of positive (adaptive) selection in the genomes. We are applying tools of network theory and systems biology to unravel the genetic bases of complex adaptations.
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1openAccess1000_genomes_Pybus.pdf.jpg1-Jan-20141000 Genomes Selection Browser 1.0: A genome browser dedicated to signatures of natural selection in modern humansPybus, Marc ; Dall'Olio, Giovanni Marco; Luisi, Pierre ; Uzkudun, Manu; Carreño Torres, Ángel ; Pavlidis, Pavlos; Laayouni, Hafid ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Engelken, Johannes artículo
2openAccesscomprehensive_model_Invergo.pdf.jpgMar-2014A comprehensive model of the phototransduction cascade in mouse rod cellsInvergo, Brandon M. ; Dell’Orco, Daniele; Montanucci, Ludovica ; Koch, Karl-Wilhelm; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
3openAccesslqaa061.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2020A fully integrated machine learning scan of selection in the chimpanzee genomeNye, Jessica; Mondal, Mayukh ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Laayouni, Hafid artículo
4closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2010A genome-wide survey does not show the genetic distinctiveness of BasquesLaayouni, Hafid ; Calafell, Francesc  ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
5closedAccess2011A genomic analysis identifies a novel component in the genetic structure of sub-Saharan African populationsSikora, Martin; Laayouni, Hafid ; Calafell, Francesc  ; Comas, David  ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
6closedAccessSep-2009A Natural History of FUT2 Polymorphism in HumansFerrer Admetlla, Anna; Sikora, Martin; Laayouni, Hafid ; Esteve, Anna; Roubinet, Francis; Blancher, Antoine; Calafell, Francesc  ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Casals, Ferran artículo
7openAccessjournal.pcbi.1001010.pdf.jpgNov-2010A New Method to Reconstruct Recombination Events at a Genomic ScaleMelé, Marta ; Javed, Asif; Pybus, Marc ; Calafell, Francesc  ; Parida, Laxmi; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
8openAccess1471-2148-13-52.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2013A system-level, molecular evolutionary analysis of mammalian phototransductionInvergo, Brandon M. ; Montanucci, Ludovica ; Laayouni, Hafid ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
9openAccessjournal.pone.0024996.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2011A Targeted Association Study of Immunity Genes and Networks Suggests Novel Associations with Placental Malaria InfectionSikora, Martin; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
10closedAccess2009A variant in the gene FUT9 is associated with susceptibility to placental malaria infectionSikora, Martin; Ferrer Admetlla, Anna; Laayouni, Hafid ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Casals, Ferran artículo
11openAccesss41598-020-78081-z.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2020Adaptive selection drives TRPP3 loss-of-function in an Ethiopian populationWalsh, Sandra; Izquierdo-Serra, Mercè; Acosta, Sandra; Edo, Albert; Lloret, María; Moret, Roser; Bosch, Elena  ; Oliva, Baldo; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Fernández-Fernández, José Manuelartículo
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgOct-2016An assessment of a massively parallel sequencing approach for the identification of individuals from mass graves of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939)Calafell, Francesc  ; Anglada, Roger; Bonet, Núria; González-Ruiz, Mercedes; Prats-Muñoz, Gemma; Rasal, Raquel; Lalueza-Fox, Carles  ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Malgosa, Assumpció; Casals, Ferran artículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJan-2009An evaluation of the genetic-matched pair study design using genome-wide SNP data from the European populationBertranpetit, Jaume  ; Comas, David  ; Krawczak, Michaelartículo
14openAccessbayesian_computation_learning_introgression_Asia_Oceania.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2019Approximate Bayesian computation with deep learning supports a third archaic introgression in Asia and OceaniaMondal, Mayukh ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Lao, Oscarartículo
15openAccessCorrection_human_genome_variation_DallOlio.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2014Correction: Human Genome Variation and the Concept of Genotype NetworksDall'Olio, Giovanni Marco; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Wagner, Andreas; Laayouni, Hafid artículo
16openAccess1471-2164-10-338.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2009Decay of linkage disequilibrium within genes across HGDP-CEPH human samples: most population isolates do not show increased LDBosch, Elena  ; Laayouni, Hafid ; Morcillo-Suárez, Carlos ; Casals, Ferran ; Moreno Estrada, Andrés; Ferrer Admetlla, Anna; Gardner, Michelle; Rosa, Araceli; Navarro, Arcadi  ; Comas, David  ; Graffelman, Jan; Calafell, Francesc  ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
17openAccess1471-2148-12-98-S4.PDF.jpg25-Jun-2012Distribution of events of positive selection and population differentiation in a metabolic pathway: the case of asparagine N-glycosylationDall'Olio, Giovanni Marco; Laayouni, Hafid ; Luisi, Pierre ; Sikora, Martin; Montanucci, Ludovica ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
18closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2015Dynamic sensitivity and nonlinear interactions influence the system-level evolutionary patterns of phototransduction proteinsInvergo, Brandon M. ; Montanucci, Ludovica ; Bertranpetit, Jaume  artículo
19openAccess1478-811X-11-36-S1.PDF.jpg21-May-2013Exploring the rate-limiting steps in visual phototransduction recovery by bottom-up kinetic modelingInvergo, Brandon M. ; Montanucci, Ludovica ; Koch, Karl-Wilhelm; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Dell’Orco, Danieleartículo
20openAccesssrep21570.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2016Functional role of positively selected amino acid substitutions in mammalian rhodopsin evolutionFernández-Sampedro, Miguel A.; Invergo, Brandon M. ; Ramon, Eva; Bertranpetit, Jaume  ; Garriga, Pereartículo