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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
8-Sep-2009Biological consequences of oxygen desaturation and respiratory effort in an acute animal model of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)Nácher, María; Farré, Ramon; Montserrat, Josep M.; Torres, Marta; Navajas, Daniel; Bulbena, Oriol; Serrano-Mollar, AnnaArtículo
2010Health changes in fishermen 2 years after clean-up of the Prestige oil spillRodríguez-Trigo, Gema; Zock, Jan-Paul; Serrano-Mollar, Anna; Bulbena, OriolArtículo
26-Mar-2003In vivo antioxidant treatment protects against bleomycin-induced lung damage in ratsSerrano-Mollar, Anna; Closa, Daniel; Morcillo, E. J.; Bulbena, OriolArtículo
2007Intratracheal transplantation of alveolar type II cells reverses bleomycin-induced lung fibrosisSerrano-Mollar, Anna; Nácher, María; Gay-Jordi, Gemma; Closa, Daniel; Xaubet, Antoni; Bulbena, OriolArtículo
2010Macrophage activation in exacerbated COPD with and without community-acquired pneumoniaGutiérrez, Patricia T.; Closa, Daniel; Bulbena, Oriol; Torres, AntoniArtículo
19-Jan-2004Mobilization of xanthine oxidase from the gastrointestinal tract in acute pancreatitisGranell, Susana; Bulbena, Oriol; Genesca, Meritxell; Sastre, Juan; Gelpí, Emili; Closa, DanielArtículo
May-2008Oxidised lipids present in ascitic fluid interfere with the regulation of the macrophages during acute pancreatitis, promoting an exacerbation of the inflammatory responseGutiérrez, Patricia T.; Folch-Puy, Emma; Bulbena, Oriol; Closa, DanielArtículo
9-Jul-2012Uso de neumocitos de tipo II en el tratamiento de enfermedades pulmonares asociadas con fibrosis pulmonarSerrano-Mollar, Anna; Closa, Daniel; Bulbena, OriolTraducción de patente

Showing results 1 to 8 of 8