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CSIC Research on COVID-19 and Coronaviruses
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Special Collection about COVID-19 [24/03/2020]
DIGITAL.CSIC Special Collection COVID-19 gathers main institutional research outputs about COVID-19 and the broader collection of coronaviruses as a contribution to enhanced knowledge and access to related illnesses. This initiative is accompanied with the opening of public profiles of relevant CSIC Research Groups such as Coronavirus: replication, virus-host interactions, and protection

Slides of webinar about CSIC Open Access Mandate Available [05/03/2020]
The slides of the presentation "Compliance with CSIC Open Access Mandate: Recommended Methodology" delivered to CSIC Libraries Network on past March 3 are already available here.

Training for CSIC Libraries and Archives Network [25/02/2020]
Next March 3rd, DIGITAL.CSIC Technical Office will deliver a training targetting CSIC Libraries and Archives Network in order to explain the proposed methodology to contribute to complying with the Institutional Open Access Mandate. More details available at CSIC Libraries Network site.

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