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openAccessInt. J. Food Microbiol._Ibarburu_2011.pdf.jpgSep-2010A real-time PCR assay for detection and quantification of 2-branched (1,3)-β-D–glucan producing lactic acid bacteria in ciderIbarburu, Idoia; Aznar, Rosa ; Elizaquível, P.; García-Quintáns, Nieves; López, Paloma ; Munduate, Arantza; Irastorza, Ana; Dueñas, María TeresaArtículo
openAccessFood Microb 2016-133-141.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2016Antilisterial peptides from Spanish dry-cured hams: Purification and identificationCastellano, Patricia; Mora, Leticia ; Escudero, Elizabeth ; Vignolo, Graciela; Aznar, Rosa ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel Artículo
openAccessIJFM2019-Falco.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2018Antiviral activity of aged green tea extract in model food systems and under gastric conditionsFalcó, Irene; Randazzo, Walter; Rodríguez Díaz, Jesús ; Gozalbo Rovira, Roberto; Luque, Daniel; Aznar, Rosa ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessLWT-2017-Castro.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2016Antiviral properties of silver nanoparticles against norovirus surrogates and their efficacy in coated polyhydroxyalkanoates systemsCastro Mayorga, Jinneth Lorena ; Randazzo, Walter; Fabra, María José ; Lagarón Cabello, José María ; Aznar, Rosa ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessWerning et al.,.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2012Biosynthesis, purification and biotechnological use of exopolysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteriaWerning, María Laura ; Notararigo, Sara ; Nácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Aznar, Rosa ; López, Paloma Capítulo de libro
openAccessAbstract P. López 2017 .pdf.jpg11-Jul-2017Characterization of exopolysaccharide-producing lactic acid bacteria of technological interestZarour, Kenza; Llamas, M. G.; Dueñas, María Teresa; Aznar, Rosa ; Kihal, Mebrouk; López, Paloma Comunicación de congreso
openAccessCARBPOL-D-11-01882R1 (repositorio).pdf.jpg12-May-2012Comparative analysis of production and purification of homo- and hetero-polysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteriaNotararigo, Sara ; Nácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Ibarburu, Idoia; Werning, María Laura ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Dueñas, María Teresa; Aznar, Rosa ; López, Paloma ; Prieto, Alicia  Artículo
openAccess5-Aug-2004Detection and Differentiation of Several Food-Spoilage Lactic Acid Bacteria by Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction, Capillary Gel Electrophoresis, and Laser-Induced FluorescenceGarcía-Cañas, Virginia  ; Macián, M. Carmen; Chenoll, Empar; Aznar, Rosa ; González García, Ramón  ; Cifuentes, Alejandro  Artículo
openAccessNacher et al. Carbohydrate Polymers 2017.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2017Dextran production by Lactobacillus sakei MN1 coincides with reduced autoagglutination, biofilm formation and epithelial cell adhesionNácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Iturria, Iñaki; Zarour, Kenza; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Aznar, Rosa ; Pardo, Miguel Ángel; López, Paloma Artículo
openAccessCarbohy. Polym.Nácher-Vázquez_2015.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2015Dextrans produced by lactic acid bacteria exhibit antiviral and immunomodulatory activity against salmonid virusesNácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; Ballesteros, Natalia ; Canales, Ángeles ; Rodríguez Saint-Jean, Sylvia ; Pérez Prieto, Sara I. ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Aznar, Rosa ; López, Paloma Artículo
openAccessPuertas et al LWT aceptado 2018.pdf.jpgApr-2018Disclosing diversity of exopolysaccharide-producing lactobacilli from Spanish natural cidersPuertas, A. I.; Ibarburu, Idoia; Elizaquível, P.; Zuriarrain, Andoni; Berregi, I.; López, Paloma ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Aznar, Rosa ; Dueñas, María TeresaArtículo
openAccessLWT2017-Falco.pdf.jpg31-Mar-2017Effect of (−)-epigallocatechin gallate at different pH conditions on enteric virusesFalcó, Irene; Randazzo, Walter; Gómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Aznar, Rosa ; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessFood Microbiol2017_66-150.pdf.jpg3-May-2017Effect of green tea extract on enteric viruses and its application as natural sanitizerRandazzo, Walter; Falcó, I.; Aznar, Rosa ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessFEVirology-2016-Fabra.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2016Efficacy of Cinnamaldehyde Against Enteric Viruses and Its Activity After Incorporation Into Biodegradable Multilayer Systems of Interest in Food PackagingFabra, María José ; Castro Mayorga, Jinneth Lorena ; Randazzo, Walter; Lagarón Cabello, José María ; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Aznar, Rosa ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessJ. of Dairy Science 2011, 94 (7).pdf.jpgJul-2011Evaluation of yogurt and various beverages as carriers of lactic acid bacteria producing 2-branched (1,3)-β-D-glucanElizaquível, P.; Sánchez, Gloria; Salvador, Ana ; Fiszman, Susana ; Dueñas, María Teresa; López, Paloma ; Fernández de Palencia, P. ; Aznar, Rosa Artículo
openAccessFod Control-2017-Falco.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017Fostering the antiviral activity of green tea extract for sanitizing purposes through controlled storage conditionsFalcó, Irene; Randazzo, Walter; Gómez-Mascaraque, Laura G. ; Aznar, Rosa ; López-Rubio, Amparo ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessIJFM-Randazzo-2018.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2018Hepatitis E virus in lettuce and water samples: A method-comparison studyRandazzo, Walter; Vásquez García, Andrea; Bracho, Maria A.; Alcaraz, María Jesús; Aznar, Rosa ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessJAM-2018- Randazzo.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2017Improving efficiency of viability‐qPCR for selective detection of infectious HAV in food and water samplesRandazzo, Walter; Piqueras, Joaquín; Rodríguez Díaz, Jesús ; Aznar, Rosa ; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria Artículo
openAccessJEQ-2018.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2018Irrigating Lettuce with Wastewater Effluent: Does Disinfection with Chlorine Dioxide Inactivate Viruses?López-Gálvez, Francisco ; Randazzo, Walter; Vasquez, A.; Sánchez Moragas, Gloria ; Tombini Decol, L.; Aznar, Rosa ; Gil Muñoz, M.ª Isabel; Allende, Ana Artículo
openAccessWO2014195554A1.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2014Nucleotide sequence encoding an enzyme having dextransucrase activity, cells that express same and use of said cells for the production of exopolysaccharides having antiviral activity, and compositions containing said exopolysaccharidesNácher-Vázquez, Montserrat ; López, Paloma ; Prieto, Alicia  ; Pérez Prieto, Sara I. ; Rodríguez Saint-Jean, Sylvia ; Mohedano Bonillo, Mari Luz ; Aznar, Rosa Solicitud de patente