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openAccessPhotosynthetica19102.pdf.jpg1985Action of humic Acid Preparations on Leaf Development, Mineral Elements Contents and Chloroplast Ultrastructure of Ryegrass PlantsFortún, Consuelo ; Rapsch, Sonia; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
closedAccess1985Chloroplast-ultrastructure and chlorophyll content in leaves from Quercus branches with and without epiphytic lichen thalliAscaso, Carmen  ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
openAccessannals of botany56101.pdf.jpg1985Effect of Evernic Acid on Structure of Spinach ChloroplastsRapsch, Sonia; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
openAccessAnnals of Botany Company62070.pdf.jpg1988Effects of light and Dark on the Ultrastructure of Lichen AlgaeBrown, D. H.; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
openAccesseffects of the Lipoxygenase enzyme on morphological changes of the ef face inthe Plasmalemma of the Evernia Prunastri Phycobiont077.pdf.jpg1986Effects of the Lipoxygenase enzyme on morphological changes of the ef face in the Plasmalemma of the Evernia Prunastri PhycobiontRapsch, Sonia; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Cifuentes, B.artículo
closedAccess1987Influence of prefixation in the study of the structure of symbionts of Lobaria spp.Ascaso, Carmen  ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
openAccessnew phytologist1987073.pdf.jpg1987The effect of desiccation on cell shape in the lichen Parmelia Sulcata taylorBrown, D. H.; Rapsch, Sonia; Beckett, A.; Ascaso, Carmen  artículo
openAccesslichenologist20069.pdf.jpg1988The effect of desiccation on Pyrenoid structure in the Oceanic lichen Parmelia LaevigataBrown, D. H.; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
openAccesslichenologit8119.pdf.jpg1986The ultrastructure of the phycobiont of dessiccated and hydrated lichensAscaso, Carmen  ; Brown, D. H.; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
closedAccess1986Ultrastructural Changes in Chroplasts of Quercus rotundifolia Lam. in Response to Evernic Acid.Ascaso, Carmen  ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
closedAccess1987Ultrastructural Changes in the Pyrenoid of the Lichen Parmelia sulcata Stored Under Controlled ConditionsBrown, D. H.; Ascaso, Carmen  ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo