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openAccessNanomedicine.pdf.jpg2017Adaptation of targeted nanocarriers to changing requirements in antimalarial drug deliveryMarques, Joana; Valle-Delgado, Juan J.; Urbán, Patricia; Baró, Elisabet; Prohens, Rafel; Mayor, Alfredo; Cisteró, Pau; Delves, Michael; Sinden, Robert E.; Grandfils, Christian; Paz, José L. de; García-Salcedo, José A.; Fernández-Busquets, Xavierartículo
openAccessMidkine tetra paper revised version PN.pdf.jpg2016Chondroitin Sulfate Tetrasaccharides: Synthesis, Three-Dimensional Structure and Interaction with MidkineSolera, Cristina; Macchione, Giuseppe ; Maza, Susana ; Kayser, M. Mar ; Corzana, Francisco; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
openAccessPaper etiqueta perfluorada definitivo sin End Note.pdf.jpg2018Fluorous-tag assisted synthesis of a glycosaminoglycan mimetic tetrasaccharide as a high-affinity FGF-2 and midkine ligandMaza, Susana ; Gandia-Aguado, Noel; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
openAccessCEJ 2017-ms4 Revised Version-def.pdf.jpg2017Glycodendrimers as Chondroitin Sulfate Mimetics: Synthesis and Binding to Growth Factor MidkineDomínguez-Rodríguez, Pedro; Reina, José J. ; Gil-Caballero, Sergio; Nieto, Pedro M.  ; Paz, José L. de; Rojo, Javier artículo
openAccess2016Improvement on binding of chondroitin sulfate derivatives to midkine by increasing hydrophobicityPaz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
openAccessOBC 2020.pdf.jpg2020Influence of the reducing-end anomeric configuration of the Man9 epitope on DC-SIGN recognitionCruz, Noelia de la; Ramos-Soriano, Javier; Reina, José J. ; Paz, José L. de; Thépaut, Michel; Fieschi, Franck; Sousa-Herves, Ana; Rojo, Javier artículo
openAccessijms-18-01293-v2.pdf.jpg2017Interactions between a heparin trisaccharide library and FGF-1 analyzed by NMR methodsGarcía-Jiménez, M. José; Gil-Caballero, Sergio; Canales, Ángeles ; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús ; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
openAccessNieto.pdf.jpg2019Langerin-heparin interaction: Analysis of the binding to the non-lectin siteGarcía-Jiménez, M. José; Corzana, Francisco; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
openAccess2012Recent Advances and Future Challenges in Glycan Microarray TechnologyPaz, José L. de; Seeberger, Peter H.artículo
embargoedAccessBiomacromolecules 2020 accepted.pdf.jpg2020Second-Generation Dendrimers with Chondroitin Sulfate Type-E Disaccharides as Multivalent Ligands for LangerinDomínguez-Rodríguez, Pedro; Vivès, Corinne; Thépaut, Michel; Fieschi, Franck; Nieto, Pedro M. ; Paz, José L. de; Rojo, Javier artículo
openAccessmolecules-24-01591.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2019Synthesis of a Fluorous-Tagged Hexasaccharide and Interaction with Growth Factors Using Sugar-Coated MicroplatesMaza, Susana ; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
openAccess1860-5397-15-14.pdf.jpg2019Unexpected loss of stereoselectivity in glycosylation reactions during the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate oligosaccharidesMena-Barragán, Teresa; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo