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openAccessMetallogels_DDiaz_ACS19.pdf.jpg28-Jan-20195-(1 H-1,2,3-Triazol-5-yl)isophthalic Acid: A Versatile Ligand for the Synthesis of New Supramolecular MetallogelsHäring, Marleen; Nandi, Sujay Kumar; Rodríguez-López, Julio; Haldar, Debasish; Martín, Victor S.; Lozano-Gorrín, Antonio Diego D.; Saldías, César; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
closedAccessChemComm2017boronic.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2017Boronic acid-modified alginate enables direct formation of injectable, self-healing and multistimuli-responsive hydrogelsPettignano, Asja; Grijalvo, Santiago ; Häring, Marleen; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón  ; Bernardi, Luca; Tanchoux, Nathalie; Quignard, Françoise; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessmolecules-20-04136.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2015DNA-Catalyzed Henry Reaction in Pure Water and the Striking Influence of Organic Buffer SystemsHäring, Marleen; Pérez-Madrigal, Maria M.; Kühbeck, Dennis; Pettignano, Asja; Quignard, Françoiseartículo
openAccessc5cc06917cChemComm2015.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2015Intragel photoreduction of aryl halides by green-to-blue upconversion under aerobic conditionsHäring, Marleen; Pérez-Ruiz, Raúl; Von Wangelin, Axel Jacobi; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessIsosteric Substitution of 4H-1,2,4-Triazole by 1H-.pdf.jpg6-Aug-2018Isosteric Substitution of 4 H-1,2,4-Triazole by 1 H-1,2,3-Triazole in Isophthalic Derivative Enabled Hydrogel Formation for Controlled Drug DeliveryHäring, Marleen; Rodríguez-López, Julio; Grijalvo, Santiago ; Tautz, Markus; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón  ; Martín, Víctor S.; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessKeratin protein-catalyzed nitroaldol (henry) reaction and comparison with other biopolymers.pdf.jpgSep-2016Keratin protein-catalyzed nitroaldol (henry) reaction and comparison with other biopolymersHäring, Marleen; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessgels-01-00135.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2015Magnetic Gel Composites for Hyperthermia Cancer TherapyHäring, Marleen; Schiller, Jana; Mayr, Judith; Grijalvo, Santiago ; Díaz Díaz, David  ; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón  artículo
openAccessNiosomes_encapsulated_DDiaz_RSCAd19.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2019Niosomes encapsulated in biohydrogels for tunable delivery of phytoalexin resveratrolMachado, Noelia D.; Fernández, Mariana A.; Häring, Marleen; Saldías, César; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2018On the sensitivity of alginate rheology to compositionSuresh, Karthika; Häring, Marleen; Kumaraswamy, Guruswamy; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2019Polymer topology-controlled self-healing properties of polyelectrolyte hydrogels based on DABCO-containing aromatic ionenesHäring, Marleen; Grijalvo, Santiago ; Haldar, Debasish; Saldías, César; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessvia mussel.pdf.jpg2016Regulatory parameters of self-healing alginate hydrogel networks prepared via mussel-inspired dynamic chemistryAlegre-Requena, Juan V. ; Häring, Marleen; Herrera, Raquel P.; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessSupramolecular metallogels with bulk self-healing properties prepared by. In situ metal complexation.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2016Supramolecular metallogels with bulk self-healing properties prepared by: In situ metal complexationHäring, Marleen; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccesssquaramid.pdf.jpg2018Synthesis and supramolecular self-assembly of glutamic acid-based squaramidesAlegre-Requena, Juan V. ; Häring, Marleen; Sonsona, Isaac G.; Abramov, Alex; Marqués-López, Eugenia ; Herrera, Raquel P.; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessSynthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembly.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2018Synthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembly of a Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF)–Triglycyl DerivativePérez-Rentero, Sonia; Eritja Casadellà, Ramón  ; Häring, Marleen; Saldías, César; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
openAccessUrea Activation by an External Brønsted Acid.pdf.jpgAug-2018Urea activation by an external brønsted acid: Breaking self-association and tuning catalytic performanceSonsona, Isaac G.; Marqués-López, Eugenia ; Häring, Marleen; Díaz Díaz, David  ; Herrera, Raquel P.artículo