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Murillo, Rosa
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Murillo, R.
Murillo Pérez, Rosa
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CSIC-GN-UPNA - Instituto de Agrobiotecnología (IDAB)
Biotecnología Microbiana. Bioinsecticidas Microbianos
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Agricultural and Biological Sciences. Biochemistry. Genetics and Molecular Biology. Immunology and Microbiology. Medicine. Neuroscience. Environmental Science
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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessbaculovirus_induced_Rebolledo.PDF.jpg24-Sep-2015Baculovirus-induced climbing behavior favors intraspecific necrophagy and efficient disease transmission in Spodoptera exiguaRebolledo, Dulce; Lasa, Rodrigo; Guevara, Roger; Murillo, Rosa  ; Williams, Trevor G.artículo
2closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Can mixtures of horizontally and vertically transmitted nucleopolyhedrovirus genotypes be effective for biological control of Spodoptera exigua?Virto, Cristina ; Williams, Trevor G.; Navarro, David; Tellez, María del Mar; Murillo, Rosa  ; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
3closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgJun-2017Chemical and biological stress factors on the activation of nucleopolyhedrovirus infections in covertly infected Spodoptera exiguaVirto, Cristina ; Navarro, David; Tellez, María del Mar; Murillo, Rosa  ; Williams, Trevor G.; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
4openAccessCo-infection with iflaviruses influences_Carballo.pdf.jpg5-May-2017Co-infection with iflaviruses influences the insecticidal properties of Spodoptera exigua multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus occlusion bodies: Implications for the production and biosecurity of baculovirus insecticidesCarballo, Arkaitz  ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Jakubowska, Ágata K.; Herrero, Salvador; Williams, Trevor G.; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
5openAccessCovert Infection_Williams.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2017Covert Infection of Insects by BaculovirusesWilliams, Trevor G.; Virto, Cristina ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
6openAccessEvidence for covert baculovirus in 4 fections in a Spodoptera exigua.pdf.jpg2011Evidence for covert baculovirus infections in a spodoptera exigua laboratory cultureMurillo, Rosa  ; Hussey, Mark S.; Possee, Robert D.artículo
7openAccessgender_mediated_Virto.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2013Gender-Mediated Differences in Vertical Transmission of a NucleopolyhedrovirusVirto, Cristina ; Zarate, Carlos Andrés; López-Ferber, Miguel; Murillo, Rosa  ; Caballero, Primitivo  ; Williams, Trevor G.artículo
8closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2017Genetic and Biological Characterization of Four Nucleopolyhedrovirus Isolates Collected in Mexico for the Control of Spodoptera exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Zamora-Avilés, N.; Murillo, Rosa  ; Lasa, Rodrigo; Pineda, S.; Figueroa, J. I.; Bravo-Patiño, A.; Díaz, O.; Corrales, J. L.; Martínez, A. M.artículo
9closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2013Granulovirus formulations efficiently protect stored and field potatoes from Phthorimaea operculella and Tecia solanivora in Costa RicaGómez-Bonilla, Yannery; López-Ferber, Miguel; Caballero, Primitivo  ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Muñoz, Delia artículo
10openAccessIflavirus increases_Jakubowska.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2016Iflavirus increases its infectivity and physical stability in association with baculovirusJakubowska, Ágata K.; Murillo, Rosa  ; Carballo, Arkaitz  ; Williams, Trevor G.; Lent, Jan W.M. van; Caballero, Primitivo  ; Herrero, Salvadorartículo
11closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Interactions between an ectoparasitoid and a nucleopolyhedrovirus when simultaneously attacking Spodoptera exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Stoianova, E.; Williams, Trevor G.; Cisneros, Juan; Muñoz, Delia ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Tasheva, Elena; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
12openAccess2011Intra- and intergenerational persistence of an insect nucleopolyhedrovirus: Adverse effects of sublethal disease on host development, reproduction, and susceptibility to superinfectionCabodevilla, Oihana  ; Villar, Eduardo; Virto, Cristina ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Williams, Trevor G.; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg13-Aug-2014Natural populations of Spodoptera exigua are infected by multiple viruses that are transmitted to their offspringVirto, Cristina ; Navarro, David; Tellez, María del Mar; Herrero, Salvador; Williams, Trevor G.; Murillo, Rosa  ; Caballero, Primitivo  artículo
14openAccessFeb-2011Occlusion body pathogenicity, virulence and productivity traits vary with transmission strategy in a nucleopolyhedrovirusCabodevilla, Oihana  ; Ibáñez, Itxaso; Simón, Oihane  ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Caballero, Primitivo  ; Caballero, Primitivo  ; Williams, Trevor G.artículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2014Simultaneous occurrence of covert infections with small RNA viruses in the lepidopteran Spodoptera exiguaJakubowska, Ágata K.; D'Angiolo, Melania; González-Martínes, Rosa M.; Millán Leiva, Anabel; Carballo, Arkaitz  ; Murillo, Rosa  ; Caballero, Primitivo  ; Herrero, Salvadorartículo