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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2005Assessing genetic diversity in clonal organisms: Low diversity or low resolution? Combining power and cost efficiency in selecting markersArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Alberto, Filipe; Teixeira, Sara; Procaccini, Gabriele; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
openAccessbiogeography_revisited.Duarte.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2011Biogeography revisited with network theory: retracing the history of hydrothermal vent communitiesMoalic, Yann; Desbruyères, Daniel; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Rozenfeld, Alejandro F.; Bachraty, Charleyne; Arnaud-Haond, Sophieartículo
openAccessPHYSD-S-06-00534-3.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2006Clone size distributions in networks of genetic similarityHernández-García, Emilio  ; Rozenfeld, Alejandro F.; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
openAccess8498.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2009Comparative Analysis of Stability-Genetic Diversity in Seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) Meadows Yields Unexpected ResultsArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Marbà, Núria ; Díaz-Almela, Elena  ; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
openAccessdisentangling_influence_Arnaud.pdf.jpg2014Disentangling the influence of mutation and migration in clonal seagrasses using the genetic diversity spectrum for microsatellitesArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Moalic, Yann; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Alberto, Filipe; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
openAccess1472-6785-13-39.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2013Entangled effects of allelic and clonal (genotypic) richness in the resistance and resilience of experimental populations of the seagrass Zostera noltii to diatom invasionMassa, Sónia Isabel; Paulino, Cristina M.; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophieartículo
openAccessHernandezTrees.pdf.jpg3-May-2007Evolutionary and Ecological Trees and NetworksHernández-García, Emilio  ; Herrada, E. Alejandro ; Rozenfeld, Alejandro F.; Tessone, Claudio J.; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Serrao, Ester Álvarescapítulo de libro
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Evolutionary history of the seagrass genus PosidoniaAires, Tánia; Marbà, Núria ; Cunha, Regina L.; Kendrick, Gary A.; Walker, Diana I.; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophieartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2007Feed-backs between genetic structure and perturbation-driven decline in seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) meadowsDíaz-Almela, Elena  ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Álvarez, Elvira; Marbà, Núria ; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Genetic differentiation and secondary contact zone in the seagrass Cymodocea nodosa across the Mediterranean-Atlantic transition regionAlberto, Filipe; Massa, Sónia Isabel; Manent, Pablo; Díaz-Almela, Elena  ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
openAccessAlberto-MEPS-2006-v309-p117-m309p117.pdf.jpg2006Genetic diversity of a clonal angiosperm near its range limit: The case of Cymodocea nodosa at the Canary IslandsAlberto, Filipe; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
openAccessEPJDS11-S1.PDF.jpg28-Nov-2012Genetic flow directionality and geographical segregation in a Cymodocea nodosa genetic diversity networkMasucci, A. P. ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
closedAccessMekong_mangrove_forest_Press_release.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2009Genetic recolonization of mangrove: genetic diversity still increasing in the Mekong Delta 30 years after Agent OrangeArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Teixeira, Sara; Massa, Sónia Isabel; Terrados, Jorge  ; Tri, Nguyen Hong; Hong, Phan Nguyen; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2006Genetic structure at range edge: Low diversity and high inbreeding in Southeast Asian mangrove (Avicennia marina) populationsArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Teixeira, Sara; Massa, Sónia Isabel; Billot, Claire; Saenger, Peter; Coupland, Grey T.; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
openAccess1-Feb-2012Implications of Extreme Life Span in Clonal Organisms: Millenary Clones in Meadows of the Threatened Seagrass Posidonia oceanicaArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Díaz-Almela, Elena  ; Marbà, Núria ; Sintes, Tomàs  ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo
openAccessAires-PLoS-One-2013-v8-e68429.pdf.jpg2013Invasion Is a Community Affair: Clandestine Followers in the Bacterial Community Associated to Green Algae, Caulerpa racemosa, Track the Invasion SourceAires, Tánia; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Kendrick, Gary A.; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophieartículo
openAccessmarine_ecosystems_Dubois.pdf.jpgMay-2016Linking basin-scale connectivity, oceanography and population dynamics for the conservation and management of marine ecosystemsDubois, Melodie; Rossi, Vincent ; Ser-Giacomi, Enrico ; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; López, Cristóbal  ; Hernández-García, Emilio  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Marine biodiversity and gene patentsArnaud-Haond, Sophie; Arrieta López de Uralde, Jesús M. ; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
openAccessNetwork_analysis.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2008Network analysis identifies weak and strong links in a metapopulation systemRozenfeld, Alejandro F.; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; Hernández-García, Emilio  ; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Eguíluz, Víctor M.  ; Serrao, Ester Álvares; Duarte, Carlos M. artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2003New microsatellite markers for the endemic Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanicaAlberto, Filipe; Correia, L.; Arnaud-Haond, Sophie; Billot, Claire; Duarte, Carlos M. ; Serrao, Ester Álvaresartículo