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Open Access item Enhanced nonlinear optical properties of oxygen deficient lead-niobium-germanate film glasses

Authors:Gonzalo de los Reyes, José
Fernández Martínez, Héctor
Solís Céspedes, Javier
Muñoz-Martín, David
Fernández Navarro, José María
Afonso, Carmen N.
Fierro, Jose L. G.
Keywords:[PACS] Glasses, quartz, [PACS] Optical coatings, [PACS] Optical susceptibility, hyperpolarizability, [PACS] Beam trapping, self-focusing and defocusing; self-phase modulation, [PACS] Disordered structures
Issue Date:19-Jun-2007
Publisher:American Institute of Physics
Citation:Applied Physics Letters, 90 (25) : 251907 (2007)
Abstract:The third order nonlinear optical properties of oxygen deficient lead-niobium-germanate film glasses with heavy metal contents beyond that of the bulk glass formation region have been investigated. Values of the nonlinear third order optical susceptibility up to /χ(³)/ ≈ 1.8×10⁻¹¹ esu have been measured by degenerate four wave mixing at 800 nm in films having large heavy metal fractions (0.93). The fast buildup and decay times ( ≈ 130 fs) of the nonlinear response confirm its nonresonant character. The partial reduction of Nb⁵+ to Nb4+ evidenced by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, which is associated with the oxygen deficiency, appears to be responsible for the strong enhancement of /χ(³)/.
Description:3 pags. ; 3 figs. ; 1 tab.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.2749837
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