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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2012A non-infectious cell-based phenotypic assay for the assessment of HIV-1 susceptibility to protease inhibitorsBuzón, María José; Castelló, Alfredo; Martínez-Picado, Javier
closedAccess2013African swine fever virus controls the host transcription and cellular machinery of protein synthesisSanchez, E.; Quintas, Ana; Nogal, Marisa; Castelló, Alfredo; Revilla Novella, Yolanda
openAccess2008Alteraciones de la Expresión Génica Inducidas por Proteasas ViralesCarrasco, Luis; Castelló, Alfredo
openAccess7-Sep-2006Differential cleavage of eIF4GI and eIF4GII in mammalian cells. Effects on translationCastelló, Alfredo; Álvarez, Enrique; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccess23-Mar-2007Differential inhibition of cellular and Sindbis virus translation by brefeldin AMolina, Susana; Sanz, Miguel Ángel; Madan, Vanesa; Ventoso, Iván; Castelló, Alfredo; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccess3-Oct-2009Dual Mechanism for the Translation of Subgenomic mRNA from Sindbis Virus in Infected and Uninfected CellsSanz, Miguel Ángel; Castelló, Alfredo; Ventoso, Iván; Berlanga, Juan José; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccess10-Mar-2009Dual mechanism for the translation of subgenomic mRNA from Sindbis virus in infected and uninfected cellsSanz, Miguel Ángel; Castelló, Alfredo; Ventoso, Iván; Berlanga, Juan José; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccessOct-2012GCN2 Has Inhibitory Effect on Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 Protein Synthesis and Is Cleaved upon Viral InfectionPino, Javier del; Jiménez, José Luis; Ventoso, Iván; Castelló, Alfredo; Muñoz-Fernandez, M. Angeles; Haro, César de; Berlanga, Juan José
openAccess15-May-2006HIV protease cleaves poly(A)-binding proteinÁlvarez, Enrique; Castelló, Alfredo; Menéndez-Arias, Luis; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccess24-Nov-2009HIV- 1 Protease Inhibits Cap- and Poly(A)-Dependent Translation upon elF4GI and PABP CleavageCastelló, Alfredo; Franco, David; Moral-López, Pablo; Berlanga, Juan José; Álvarez, Enrique; Wimmer, Eckard; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccessSep-2013Poliovirus 2A Protease Triggers a Selective Nucleo- Cytoplasmic Redistribution of Splicing Factors to Regulate Alternative Pre-mRNA SplicingÁlvarez, Enrique; Castelló, Alfredo; Carrasco Llamas, Luis; Izquierdo, José M.
openAccess2013Poliovirus 2A protease triggers a selective nucleo-cytoplasmic redistribution of splicing factors to regulate alternative pre-mRNA splicing.Álvarez, Enrique; Castelló, Alfredo; Carrasco Llamas, Luis; Izquierdo, José M.
openAccess26-Aug-2009Regulation of Host Translational Machinery by African Swine Fever VirusCastelló, Alfredo; Quintas, Ana; Sánchez, Elena G.; Sabina, Prado; Nogal, Marisa; Carrasco Llamas, Luis; Revilla Novella, Yolanda
openAccess12-Aug-2009RNA nuclear export is blocked by poliovirus 2A protease and is concomitant with nucleoporin cleavageCastelló, Alfredo; Izquierdo, José M.; Welnowska, Ewelina; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
openAccess28-Nov-2005Translation of Sindbis Virus 26 S mRNA Does Not Require Intact Eukariotic Initiation Factor 4GCastelló, Alfredo; Sanz, Miguel Ángel; Molina, Susana; Carrasco Llamas, Luis
closedAccess18-Apr-2007Viral Translation Is Coupled to Transcription in Sindbis Virus-Infected CellsSanz, Miguel Ángel; Castelló, Alfredo; Carrasco Llamas, Luis