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openAccessChanges in leaf water.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2009Changes in leaf water relations, gas exchange, growth and flowering quality in potted geranium plants irrigated with different water regimesSánchez-Blanco, María Jesús ; Álvarez Martín, Sara  ; Navarro García, Alejandra ; Bañón, Sebastiánartículo
openAccessChanges in growth-Acosta.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2015Changes in tissue-water relations, photosynthetic activity, and growth of Myrtus communis plants in response to different conditions of water availabilityNavarro García, Alejandra ; Álvarez Martín, Sara  ; Castillo, Marco ; Bañón, Sebastián; Sánchez-Blanco, María Jesús artículo
closedAccess18-Sep-2004Effects of irrigation and air humidity preconditioning on water relations, growth and survival of Rosmarinus officinalis plants during and after transplantingSánchez-Blanco, María Jesús ; Ferrández, Trinitario; Navarro García, Alejandra ; Bañón, Sebastián; Alarcón Cabañero, Juan José artículo
closedAccessMar-2007Effects of sodium chloride on water potential components, hydraulic conductivity, gas exchange and leaf ultrastructure of Arbutus unedo plantsNavarro García, Alejandra ; Bañón, Sebastián; Olmos, Enrique ; Sánchez-Blanco, María Jesús artículo
closedAccess24-Apr-2006Improving water-use efficiency of young lemon trees by shading with aluminised-plastic netsAlarcón Cabañero, Juan José ; Ortuño Gallud, Mª Fernanda ; Nicolás Nicolás, Emilio ; Navarro García, Alejandra ; Torrecillas Melendreras, Arturo artículo
closedAccess4-Jan-2007Influence of paclobutrazol on water consumption and plant performance of Arbutus unedo seedlingsNavarro García, Alejandra ; Sánchez-Blanco, María Jesús ; Bañón, Sebastiánartículo
openAccessRegulated deficit irrigation-Alvarez.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2009Regulated deficit irrigation in potted Dianthus plants: Effects of severe and moderate water stress on growth and physiological responsesÁlvarez Martín, Sara  ; Navarro García, Alejandra ; Bañón, Sebastián; Sánchez-Blanco, María Jesús artículo
openAccessTranspiration, photosynthetic responses-Alvarez.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2011Transpiration, photosynthetic responses, tissue water relations and dry mass partitioning in Callistemon plants during drought conditionsÁlvarez Martín, Sara  ; Navarro García, Alejandra ; Nicolás Nicolás, Emilio ; Sánchez-Blanco, María Jesús artículo