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Open Access item Elucidating halo structure by β decay: βγ from the Li-11 decay

Authors:García Borge, María José
Fynbo, H.
Guillemaud-Mueller, D.
Hornshøj, P.
Humbert, F.
Jonson, B.
Leth, T. E.
Martínez Pinedo, Gabriel
Nilsson, T.
Nyman, G.
Poves, A.
Ramos-Lerate, I.
Riisager, K.
Schrieder, G.
Smedberg, M.
Tengblad, Olof
Keywords:[PACS] Relation with nuclear matrix elements and nuclear structure, [PACS] Single-particle levels and strength functions, [PACS] Shell model, [PACS] γ transitions and level energies
Issue Date:Jan-1997
Publisher:American Physical Society
Citation:Physical Review C 55(1): R8-R11 (1997)
Abstract:New values for the γ ray intensities following the β decay of Li-11 are presented. Special emphasis is put on the determination of the Gamow-Teller transition Li-11 --> Be-11 (1/2(-), 320 keV) to the only bound excited state in Be-11. We show that a shell-model calculation can simultaneously reproduce the half-life of Li-11 and the newly measured branching ratio to the 1/2(-) state provided the Li-11 ground state wave function contains about 50% of s-wave neutron components.
Description:4 pages, 2 tables, 1 figure.-- PACS nrs.: 23.40.Hc, 21.10.Pc, 21.60.Cs, 23.20.Lv.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.55.R8
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