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Open Access item Microperforated Insertion Units in free field: A case study

Authors:Pfretzschner, Jaime
Fernández, Alejandro
Cobo, Pedro
Cuesta, María
Schmitt, A.
Keywords:Active Noise Control Systems (ANC) (ANC) systems, Wall lining, Low frequencies, Microperforated Panels (MPP), Microperforated Insertion Units (MIU), Acoustic performance, Design, Experimental results
Issue Date:Aug-2005
Publisher:Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Picture and Theater Technology (Hungary)
Citation:Proceedings of ForumAcusticum 2005 Budapest. RBA-CP: Characteristics and properties of building structures ; 347-0
Abstract:In Internoise 2004 we reported the new concept of Microperforated Insertion Units, MIU, introducing their innovative acoustic and mechanical performances as an alternative to the traditional Microperforated Panel Absorbers, MPP. Theoretical and experimental results were compared in an impedance tube with diameters of 3 and 10 mm. In this work, we consider the angular dependence of the absorption coefficient of a large MIU panel (2.4 x 2.4 m2) in free field. Both theoretical and experimental results are presented, showing the acoustic absorptive capabilities of the device.
Description:6 pages.-- Communication presented at ForumAcusticum 2005 Budapest: "Acoustics: Science and Technology for Knowledge Based Society and Healthy Environment" (Aug 29-Sep 2, 2005).
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