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Open Access item Vortex solitons in lasers with feedback

Authors:Paulau, P. V.
Gomila, Damià
Colet, Pere
Loiko, N. A.
Rosanov, Nokolay
Ackemann, Thorsten
Firth, William J.
Issue Date:2010
Publisher:Optical Society of America
Citation:Optics Express 18: 8859-8866 (2010)
Abstract:We report on the existence, stability and dynamical properties of two-dimensional self-localized vortices with azimuthal numbers up to 4 in a simple model for lasers with frequency-selective feedback. We build the full bifurcation diagram for vortex solutions and characterize the different dynamical regimes. The mathematical model used, which consists of a laser rate equation coupled to a linear equation for the feedback field, can describe the spatiotemporal dynamics of broad area vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with external frequency selective feedback in the limit of zero delay.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/OE.18.008859
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