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Open Access item Macrobentos and related stream characteristics

Authors:Goethals, P.
Alba-Tercedor, J.
Dohert, A.
Friberg, N.
Timo, Muotka
Puig, Mariàngels
Issue Date:2004
Publisher:European Aquatic Modelling Network
Citation:Macrobentos and related stream characteristics. State-of-the-art in data sampling, modelling analysis and applications of river habitat modelling COST Action 626 Report :37-103 (2004)
Abstract:The aim of this report is to present the state-of-the-art on monitoring macrobenthos and related stream characteristics. On top of this, issues on database set-up and management are also discussed. In this way we hope to allow model developers and users to get some insight on the critical aspects of collecting data on macrobenthos.
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