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Open Access item Charmed hadrons in nuclear medium

Authors:Nieves, Juan Miguel
García Recio, Carmen
Ramos, Àngels
Tolós, Laura
Oset, Eulogi
Molina, Raquel
Gamermann, Daniel
Keywords:Open-charm mesons, Spectral function, Dynamically-generated baryonic resonances, Charmed and hidden charmed scalar resonances
Issue Date:Sep-2010
Publisher:Zhongguo wu li xue hui (Chinese Physical Society)
Citation:Chinese Physics C 34 (9): 1335-1338 (2010)
Abstract:We study the properties of charmed hadrons in dense matter within a coupled-channel approach which accounts for Pauli blocking effects and meson self-energies in a self-consistent manner We analyze the behaviour in this dense environment of dynamically-generated baryonic resonances as well as the open-charm meson spectral functions We discuss the implications of the in-medium properties of open-charm mesons on the D-s0(2317) and the predicted X(3700) scalar resonances.
Description:5th International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics (QNP09).Inst High Energy Phys Chinese Acad Sci, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, SEP 21-25, 2009
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