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Open Access item A new program developed in Madrid for tidal data processing

Authors:Venedikov, A. P.
Vieira, Ricardo
Toro y Llaca, Carmen de
Arnoso, José
Keywords:Mareas, Tides, Geodesia, Geodesy, NSV, Software
Issue Date:1995
Publisher:CSIC-UCM - Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia (IAG)
Citation:Publicación. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia. 1995, nº 189.
Series/Report no.:Publicación. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia
Abstract:This paper is a description of a program named NSV for tidal data processing. Despite the considerable volume of the paper, it deals only with the most important elements of NSV, including its practical use. It is not possible to describe everything, even all algorithms, used in a program of several thousands statements, having a lot of different options and applications. In the acronym NSV, SV is simply the name of and old program, while N means "New". The "New" itself means that we use and old algorithm, which has proven its validity, but through a new progam, which has a lot of new elements. It is also related with the necessity a scientific program to be steadily improved, which we are namely doing with NSV. The paper has two parts. In part I more attention is given to the theory of NSV. People more interested in the application may go directly to part II, which deals with the practical use of NSV.
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