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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Oct-2003A method for the isolation of root hairs from the model legume Medicago truncatulaRamos Escribano, Javier; Bisseling, TonArtículo
27-Jun-2013Method for the oxidation of alcohols with oxygen in the presence of a homogeneous palladium catalystCampora Pérez, Juan; Palma Ramírez, Pilar; Melero, Cristóbal; Shishilov, Oleg N.Patente
7-Aug-2003Method for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane.López Nieto, José Manuel; Botella Asunción, Pablo; Vázquez Navarro, María IsabelPatente
2-Aug-2012Method for the production of a thermoelectric device and resulting thermoelectric- deviceMuñoz Pascual, Francisco Javier; Mas, Roser; Abad Muños, Libertad; Rodriguez Viejo, Javier; Alvarez Quintana, Jaime; Lopeandia Fernandez, AitorPatente
20-Dec-2012Method for the production of alkali cements from industrial and urban waste glassPuertas, F.; Torres, J.; Varga, C.; Torres, ManuelPatente
10-Nov-2005Method for the production of empty viral capsids in yeasts, said capsids comprising proteins derived from pvp2 of the virus that causes infectious bursal disease (IBDV)Ruiz Castón, José; Saugar, Irene; Luque Buzo, Daniel; Abaitua Elustondo, Fernando; Oña Blanco, Ana M.; González de Llano, M.ª Dolores; Rodríguez Aguirre, José F.; Rodríguez Fernández-Alba, Juan RamónPatente
27-Dec-2012Method for the production of micro-, sub-micro- and nano-capsules, based on milk serum proteinsLópez, Amparo; Langarón, J.M.Patente
4-Oct-2001Method for the production of silicon carbide (SIC) layers by means of ionic implantion of carbon and anneals.Pérez Rodríguez, Alejandro; Serre, Christophe; Romano, A.; Morante, J. R.; Esteve i Tintó, Jaume; Acero Leal, María CruzPatente
16-Sep-2004Method for the recognition of patterns in images affected by optical affected by optical degradations and application thereof in the prediction of visual acuity from a patients ocular aberrometry data.Navarro belsue, Rafael; Nestares García, ÓscarPatente
10-Jan-2008Method for the recovery of germanium present in coal ashArroyo Torralbo, Fátima; Fernández Pereira, Constantino; Querol, Xavier; Font, Oriol; Coca Llano, María Pilar; Chimenos, Josep María; Fernández Renna, Ana InésPatente
6-Jan-2011Method for the replication, amplification or sequencing of DNA template.Salas, Margarita; de Vega José, Miguel; Lazaro Bolos, José María; Blanco Dávila, Luis; Mencía, MarioSolicitud de patente
16-Jan-2003Method for the reversible in vivo heat inactivation of proteins with biological activity.Almoguera, Concepción; Rojas, A.; Jordano, JuanPatente
11-Jun-2009Method for the selective hydrogenation of substituted nitroaromatic compoundsCorma, Avelino; Serna Merino, PedroPatente
7-Jul-2005Method for the selective oxidation of carbon monoxideCarrettin, Silvio; Concepción Heydorn, Patricia; Corma, AvelinoPatente
18-Aug-2008Method for the simultaneous detection and quantification of DNA from wheat, barley, rye and crosses and mixtures thereof in food, elements required to perform same and use thereofMujico Fernández, Jorge Raúl; Méndez Cormán, EnriquePatente
10-Jan-2008Method for the specific simultaneous identification and detection of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria in fermented milks and starter cultures for fermented milksTabasco Rentero, Raquel; Paarup, Torsten; Janer Otero, Carolina; Peláez Martínez, María Carmen; Requena Rolanía, María TeresaPatente
17-Dec-2009Method for the spectral control of the emission of a random laserLópez, Cefe; Blanco Montes, Alvaro; Sapienza, R.; García Fernández, Pedro David; Wiersma, Diederik S.; Gottardo, StefanoPatente
22-Mar-2012Method for the sulfationof oligosaccharides by means of microwave heatingde Paz, José L.; Nieto, Pedro M.; Maza, SusanaSolicitud de patente
24-Nov-2011Method for the synthesis of polyaleurate polyesterBenítez, José J.; Heredia, J.A.; Heredia, AntonioSolicitud de patente
25-Apr-2013Method for transferring data between at least one lagrangian buoy for measuring currents for ocean and costal environments and a base station, and lagrangian buoy for measuring currents for ocean and costal environmentsMartínez-Ledesma, Miquel; Álvarez, Alberto; Vizoso, Guillermo; Tintoré, JoaquínPatente

Showing results 55975 to 55994 of 94611