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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2006Adsorption of water vapor by bare soil in an olive grove in southern SpainVerhoef, Anne; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio; Knight, J. R.; Villagarcía, Luis; Fernández Luque, José Enrique
closedAccess1-Nov-2007Aggregating spatial heterogeneity in a bush vegetation patch in semi-arid SE Spain: A multi-layer model versus a single-layer modelWere, Ana M.; Villagarcía, Luis; Domingo, Francisco; Moro, María J.; Dolman, A. J.
openAccess6-Jun-2007Comparison of Three Operative Models for Estimating the Surface Water Deficit Using ASTER Reflective and Thermal DataGarcía García, Mónica; Villagarcía, Luis; Contreras, Sergio; Domingo, Francisco; Puigdefábregas, Juan
openAccess2008Estación Experimental de Rambla Honda (Almería)Puigdefábregas, Juan; Cantón, Yolanda; Contreras, Sergio; Barrio, G. del; Domingo, Francisco; Gutierrez Carretero, Luis; Lázaro, R.; Solé-Benet, Albert; Vidal, S.; Villagarcía, Luis; Were, Ana M.
openAccess30-Jun-2008Estación Experimental Rambla Honda (Almería)Puigdefábregas, Juan; Cantón Castilla, Yolanda; Contreras, Sergio; Barrio, G. del; Domingo Poveda, Francisco; Gutiérrez, Leonardo; Solé Benet, Albert; Vidal, Sebastián; Villagarcía, Luis; Were, Ana
closedAccess25-Jul-2008Monitoring land degradation risk using ASTER data: The non-evaporative fraction as an indicator of ecosystem functionGarcía García, Mónica; Oyonarte, Cecilio; Villagarcía, Luis; Contreras, Sergio; Domingo, Francisco; Puigdefábregas, Juan
closedAccess5-Jul-2010Temporal dynamics of soil water balance components in a Mediterranean carbonate range in SE Spain: estimation of potential rechargeCantón, Yolanda; Villagarcía, Luis; Moro, María José; Serrano-Ortíz, Penélope; Were, Ana; Alcalá, Francisco J.; Kowalski, Andrew S.; Solé-Benet, Albert; Lázaro, Roberto; Domingo, Francisco
openAccessJun-2008The use of high-resolution weighing lysimeters to improve estimates of soil evaporation in drip-irrigated olive orchardsDíaz-Espejo, Antonio; Fernández Luque, José Enrique; Verhoef, Anne; Knight, J. R.; Villagarcía, Luis