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openAccessnoise.pdf.jpg7-Feb-20061/f noise and very high spectral rigidityRelaño, Armando; Retamosa, Joaquín; Faleiro, E.; Molina, Rafael A.; Zuker, P.Artículo
openAccesschaos.pdf.jpg3-Jun-2008Chaos-Assisted Tunneling and 1/f Spectral Fluctuations in the Order-Chaos TransitionRelaño, ArmandoArtículo
openAccessDecoherence.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2008Decoherence as a signature of an excited-state quantum phase transitionRelaño, Armando; Arias, J. M.; Dukelsky, Jorge; García Ramos, José Enrique; Pérez-Fernández, P.Artículo
openAccessPérez-Fernández.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2013Decoherence due to an excited-state quantum phase transition in a two-level boson modelPérez Fernández, Pedro; Relaño, Armando; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Dukelsky Bercovich, Jorge; García Ramos, José EnriqueArtículo
openAccessDecohence induced.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2007Decoherence induced by an interacting spin environment in the transition from integrability to chaosRelaño, Armando; Dukelsky, Jorge; Molina, Rafael A.Artículo
openAccessPérez-Fernández.pdf.jpg2011Excited-state phase transition and onset of chaos in quantum optical modelsPérez-Fernández, P.; Relaño, Armando; Arias, Jose M.; Cejnar, P.; Dukelsky, Jorge; García Ramos, José EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Many-body quantum chaos: Recent developments and applications to nucleiGómez, J. M.G.; Kar, K.; Kota, V.K.B.; Molina, Rafael A.; Relaño, Armando; Retamosa, JoaquínArtículo
closedAccess4-Jan-2007Power spectrum of nuclear spectra with missing levels and mixed symmetriesMolina, Rafael A.; Retamosa, J.; Muñoz, L.; Relaño, Armando; Faleiro, E.Artículo
closedAccess4-Mar-2008Power-spectrum characterization of the continuous Gaussian ensembleRelaño, Armando; Muñoz, L.; Retamosa, J.; Faleiro, E.; Molina, Rafael A.Artículo
openAccessPérez-Fernández.pdf.jpg2011Quantum quench influenced by an excited-state phase transitionPérez-Fernández, P.; Cejnar, P.; Arias, Jose M.; Dukelsky, Jorge; García Ramos, José Enrique; Relaño, ArmandoArtículo
openAccessKhatami.pdf.jpg2012Quantum quenches in disordered systems: Approach to thermal equilibrium without a typical relaxation timeKhatami, Ehsan; Rigol, Marcos; Relaño, Armando; García-García, Antonio M.Artículo
openAccessspectral.pdf.jpg2-Mar-2006Spectral statistics in noninteracting many-particle systemsMuñoz, L.; Faleiro, E.; Molina, Rafael A.; Relaño, Armando; Retamosa, JoaquínArtículo
openAccessspectral-fluctuations.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2007Spectral-Fluctuations Test of the Quark-Model Baryon SpectrumFernández-Ramírez, César; Relaño, ArmandoArtículo