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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Environmental filtering determines community patterns in temporary wetlands: a multi-taxon approachRuhí, Albert; Chappuis, Eglantine; Escoriza, Daniel; Jover, Miquel; Sala, Jordi; Boix, Daniel; Gascón, Stephanie; Gacia, EsperançaArtículo
Sep-2011How to choose a biodiversity indicator – Redundancy and complementarity of biodiversity metrics in a freshwater ecosystemGallardo, Belinda; Gascón, Stephanie; Quintana, Xavier; Comín, Francisco A.Artículo
Jan-2009Relationship between invertebrate traits and lateral environmental gradients in a Mediterranean river-floodplainGallardo, Belinda; Gascón, Stephanie; Cabezas, Álvaro; González-Sanchis, María; García-Antón, Mercedes; Comín, Francisco A.Artículo
2014Taxonomic and functional successional patterns in macroinvertebrates related to flying dispersal abilities: A case study from isolated manmade ponds at reclaimed opencast coal minesMiguel Chinchilla, Leticia; Boix, Daniel; Gascón, Stephanie; Comín, Francisco A.Artículo
2009Testing the response of macroinvertebrate functional structure and biodiversity to flooding and confinementGallardo, Belinda; Gascón, Stephanie; García-Antón, Mercedes; Comín, Francisco A.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5