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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20135'-Trityl-substituted thymidine derivatives as a novel class of antileishmanial agents: Leishmania infantum EndoG as a potential targetCasanova, Elena; Moreno, David; Gigante, Alba; Genes, Carlos Mario; Rico, Eva; Oliva, Cristina; Camarasa Rius, María José; Gago, Federico; Jiménez-Ruiz, Antonio; Pérez-Pérez, María JesúsArtículo
2012A reverse combination of structure-based and ligand-based strategies for virtual screeningCortés Cabrera, Álvaro; Gago, Federico; Morreale, AntonioArtículo
2013A structure-based design of new C2- and C13-substituted taxanes: Tubulin binding affinities and extended quantitative structure-activity relationships using comparative binding energy (COMBINE) analysisCoderch, Claire; Tang, Yong; Klett, Javier; Zhang, Shu-En; Ma, Yung-Tao; Shaorong, Wang; Matesanz, Ruth; Pera, Benet; Canales, A.; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús; Morreale, Antonio; Fernando Díaz, J.; Fang, Wei-shuo S.; Gago, FedericoArtículo
16-May-2012Comparative Binding Energy (COMBINE) Analysis Supports a Proposal for the Binding Mode of Epothilones to -Tubulin.Coderch, Claire; Klett, J.; Morreale, Antonio; Díaz, José Fernando; Gago, FedericoArtículo
2012CRDOCK: An ultrafast multipurpose protein-ligand docking toolCortés Cabrera, Álvaro; Klett, Javier; Dos Santos, Helena G.; Perona, Almudena; Gil-Redondo, Rubén; Francis, Sandrea M.; Priego, Eva M.; Gago, Federico; Morreale, AntonioArtículo
2004ET-18-OCH3 (edelfosine): A selective antitumour lipid targeting apoptosis through intracellular activation of Fas/CD95 death receptorMollinedo, Faustino; Gajate, Consuelo; Martín-Santamaría, Sonsoles; Gago, FedericoArtículo
2000HIV-1 specific reverse transcriptase inhibitors: Why are TSAO-nucleosides so unique?Camarasa Rius, María José; San-Felix, Alejandra; Pérez-Pérez, María Jesús; Velazquez, Sonsoles; Alvarez, Rosa; Chamorro, Cristina; Jimeno, M. Luisa; Perez, Carlos; Gago, Federico; De Clercq, Erik; Balzarini, JanArtículo
15-Jun-2011Identification of Aldo-keto reductase AKR1B10 as a selective target for modification and inhibition by prostaglandin A1: Implications for anti-tumoral activityDíez-Dacal, Beatriz; Gayarre, Javier; Gharbi, Severine; Timms, John F.; Coderch, Claire; Gago, Federico; Pérez-Sala, DoloresArtículo
24-Nov-2009In Memoriam of Angel R. Ortiz (1966-2008)Abia, David; Bastolla, Ugo; Chacón, Pablo; Fábrega Clavería, Carme; Gago, Federico; Morreale, Antonio; Tramontano, AnnaArtículo
2014Leishmania infantum EndoG is an endo/exo-nuclease essential for parasite survivalRico, Eva; Oliva, Cristina; Gutierrez, Kilian Jesús.; Alzate, Juan Fernando; Genes, Carlos Mario; Moreno, David; Casanova, Elena; Gigante, Alba; Peréz-Pérez, María-Jesús; Camarasa Rius, María José; Clos, Joachim; Gago, Federico; Jiménez-Ruiz, AntonioArtículo
23-Jun-2008Optimization of Taxane Binding to Microtubules: Binding Affinity Dissection and Incremental Construction of a High-Affinity Analog of PaclitaxelMatesanz, Ruth; Barasoain, Isabel; Yang, C.G.; Wan, L.; Li, X.; Inés, C. de; Coderch, Claire; Gago, Federico; Jiménez-Barbero, Jesús; Andreu Morales, José Manuel; Fang, Wei-shuo S.; Díaz, José FernandoArtículo
6-Jun-2013Probing the Dimerization Interface of Leishmania infantum Trypanothione Reductase with Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Short PeptidesToro, Miguel A.; Sánchez-Murcia, Pedro A.; Moreno, David; Ruiz-Santaquiteria, Marta; Fernando Alzate, Juan; Negri, Ana; Camarasa Rius, María José; Gago, Federico; Velázquez, Sonsoles; Jiménez-Ruiz, AntonioArtículo
3-Nov-2011Rationale for the opposite stereochemistry of the major monoadducts and interstrand crosslinks formed by mitomycin C and its decarbamoylated analogue at CpG steps in DNA and the effect of cytosine modification on reactivityBueren-Calabuig, Juan A.; Negri, Ana; Morreale, Antonio; Gago, FedericoArtículo
2012Recent Advances in Thymidine Kinase 2 (TK2) Inhibitors and New Perspectives for Potential ApplicationsPriego, Eva Maria; Karlsson, Anna; Gago, Federico; Camarasa Rius, María José; Balzarini, Jan; Pérez-Pérez, María JesúsArtículo
2008Structure, physiological role, and specific inhibitors of human thymidine kinase 2 (TK2): Present and futurePeréz-Pérez, María-Jesús; Priego, Eva-María; Hernández, Ana-Isabel; Familiar, Olga; Camarasa Rius, María José; Negri, Ana; Gago, Federico; Balzarini, JanArtículo
2003Synthesis and structural characterization of pyrimidine bi- and tricyclic nucleosides with sugar puckers conformationally locked into the eastern region of the pseudorotational cycleChamorro, Cristina; Luengo, Santos M.; Bonache, María Cruz; Velázquez, Sonsoles; Pérez Pérez, María Jesús; Camarasa Rius, María José; Gago, Federico; Jimeno, M. Luisa; San Félix, AnaArtículo

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