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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
24-Jan-2001Absolute and Relative Deprivation and the Measurement of PovertyDuclos, Jean-Yves; Gregoire, PhilippeDocumento de trabajo
24-Jan-2001An Atkinson-Gini Family of Social Evaluation FunctionsAraar, Abdelkrim; Duclos, Jean-YvesDocumento de trabajo
Mar-2010Chronic and transient poverty: Measurement and estimation, with evidence from ChinaDuclos, Jean-Yves; Araar, Abdelkrim; Giles, JohnArtículo
24-Jun-2001Classical Horizontal Inequity and Reranking: an Integrated ApproachDuclos, Jean-Yves; Jalbert, Vincent; Araar, AbdelkrimDocumento de trabajo
20-Apr-2009Comparing population distributions from bin-aggregated sample data: An application to historical height data from FranceDuclos, Jean-Yves; Leblanc, Josée; Sahn, DavidDocumento de trabajo
20-Apr-2009A comparison of the poverty impact of transfers, taxes and market income across five OECD countriesBibi, Sami; Duclos, Jean-YvesDocumento de trabajo
2009DAD: A software for poverty and distributive analysisAraar, Abdelkrim; Duclos, Jean-YvesArtículo
20-Apr-2009Health and income: A robust comparison of Canada and the USDuclos, Jean-Yves; Échevin, DamienDocumento de trabajo
2011Partial multidimensional inequality orderingsDuclos, Jean-Yves; Sahn, David; Younger, S. D.Artículo
2010Poverty and inequality: A micro frameworkAraar, Abdelkrim; Duclos, Jean-YvesArtículo
2006Robust multidimensional poverty comparisonsDuclos, Jean-Yves; Sahn, David; Younger, S. D.Artículo
20-Apr-2009Testing for poverty dominance: an application to CanadaDuclos, Jean-Yves; Wen-Hao, ChenDocumento de trabajo

Showing results 1 to 12 of 12