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openAccessart_metals_Ortegal.pdf.jpg2014Basin-scale contributions of Cr, Ni and Co from Ortegal Complex to the surrounding coastal environment (SW Europe)Prego, R. ; Caetano, Miguel; Ospina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Raimundo, Joana; Vale, Carlosartículo
openAccessContaminación_metales_sedimento_2015.pdf.jpg2015Contaminación por metales del sedimento (Cd, Pb, Zn) en el curso bajo del río MiñoPrego, R. ; Caetano, Miguel; Álvarez-Vázquez, M. A. ; Vale, Carloscomunicación de congreso
openAccessDefining_benchmark_values.pdf.jpg2016Defining benchmark values for nutrients under the Water Framework Directive: Application in twelve Portuguese estuariesCaetano, Miguel; Raimundo, Joana; Nogueira, Marta; Santos, Maria; Mil-Homens, M.; Prego, R. ; Vale, Carlosartículo
closedAccess2010Effect of tidal flooding on metal distribution in pore waters of marsh sediments and its transport to water column (Tagus estuary, Portugal)Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Vale, Carlos; Caetano, Miguel; Pereira, Patricia; Prego, R. artículo
openAccessMPB-S-10-00870[1].pdf.jpg21-Jan-2011Evaluation of the contamination of platinum in estuarine and coastal sediments (Tagus Estuary and Prodelta, Portugal)Cobelo-García, A. ; Neira, P.; Mil-Homens, M.; Caetano, Miguelartículo
openAccess2014_Ospina_exchange_nutrients.pdf.jpg2014Exchange of nutrients across the sediment-water interface in intertidal ria systems (SW Europe)Ospina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Caetano, Miguel; Vale, Carlos; Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Bernárdez, Patricia ; Prego, R. artículo
openAccess2013_Bernardez_Fluvial.pdf.jpg2013Fluvial contributions of nutrient salts, dissolved trace elements and organic carbon to the sea by pristine temperate rivers (SW Europe)Bernárdez, Patricia ; Ospina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Caetano, Miguel; Prego, R. artículo
openAccessFluvial_transport_Cedeira_2014.pdf.jpg2014Fluvial transport patterns of dissolved trace metals to the Ria of CedeiraÁlvarez-Vázquez, M. A. ; Prego, R. ; Caetano, Miguelcomunicación de congreso
openAccessGeochemical_mineralogical.pdf.jpg2012Geochemical and mineralogical characterization of surficial sediments from the Northern Rias: Implications for sediment provenance and impact of the source rocksBernárdez, Patricia ; Prego, R. ; Giralt, Santiago  ; Esteve, Jaume; Caetano, Miguel; Parra, Santiago; Francés, G.artículo
openAccessImpacto_biogeoquimico_Ortegal.pdf.jpg2015El impacto biogeoquímico de Cabo Ortegal en su entorno costero: ¿puede ocurrir una contaminación natural por cromo y níquel?Prego, R. ; Caetano, Miguelartículo
embargoedAccessImproved_voltammetric_2017.pdf.jpg2017Improved voltammetric method for simultaneous determination of Pt and Rh using second derivative signal transformation – application to environmental samplesMonteiro, Carlos E.; Cobelo-García, A. ; Caetano, Miguel; Correia, Margarida M.artículo
embargoedAccessLanthanides_yttrium_2019.pdf.jpg2019Lanthanides and yttrium in the sediments of the low Minho River course (NW Iberian Peninsula): imprint of tributariesPrego, R. ; Brito, Pedro; Álvarez-Vázquez, M. A. ; Caetano, Miguelartículo
openAccessLithogenic_anthropogenic_footprint.pdf.jpg2013Lithogenic and anthropogenic trace elements footprint in the estuarine sediments of the Artabro Gulf Rias (NW Iberian Peninsula)Álvarez-Vázquez, M. A. ; Caetano, Miguel; Uña-Álvarez, E.; Vale, Carlos; Prego, R. póster de congreso
embargoedAccess2017Lithogenic sources, composition and intra-annual variability of suspended particulate matter supplied from rivers to the Northern Galician Rias (Bay of Biscay)Bernárdez, Patricia ; Prego, R. ; Filgueiras, Ana V. ; Ospina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Álvarez-Vázquez, M. A. ; Caetano, Miguelartículo
openAccessMetal_composition_fluxes.pdf.jpg2012Metal composition and fluxes of sinking particles and post-depositional transformation in a ria coastal system (NW Iberian Peninsula)Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Prego, R. ; Cobelo-García, A. ; Caetano, Miguelartículo
openAccess2010_Poster_ICHMET_Ospina.pdf.jpg2010Metals levels in rainwater from the Northern Galician Rias. (NW Iberian Peninsula): Preliminar ResultsOspina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Caetano, Miguel; Prego, R. póster de congreso
openAccessOsmium_platinum_decoupling.pdf.jpg2015Osmium and Platinum Decoupling in the Environment: Evidences in Intertidal Sediments (Tagus Estuary, SW Europe)Almécija, Clara ; Sharma, Mukul; Cobelo-García, A. ; Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Caetano, Miguelartículo
embargoedAccess2019Platinum and rhodium in Tagus estuary, SW Europe: sources and spatial distributionMonteiro, Carlos E.; Correia, Margarida M.; Cobelo-García, A. ; Brito, Pedro; Caetano, Miguelartículo
openAccess2014_Ospina_prevalence_tide_induced.pdf.jpg2014Prevalence of tide-induced transport over other metal sources in a geologically enriched temperate estuarine zone (NW Iberian Peninsula)Ospina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Caetano, Miguel; Vale, Carlos; Santos-Echeandía, Juan ; Prego, R. artículo
openAccessPrego2012_Rare_earth_elements.pdf.jpg2012Rare earth elements in coastal sediments of the northern Galician shelf: Influence of geological featuresPrego, R. ; Caetano, Miguel; Bernárdez, Patricia ; Brito, Pedro; Ospina-Álvarez, Natalia ; Vale, Carlosartículo