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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013La fauna acuática subterránea de JaénCamacho Pérez, Ana I.; Jaume, DamiàCapítulo de libro
2011La fauna aquàtica dels hábitats anquihalins i dolçaquícoles de les cavitats balearsGràcia, Francesc; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
2013Lazare Botosaneanu 'Naturalist' 1927-2012Notenboom, Jos; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
27-Jun-2003Local changes in the composition and community structure of suprabenthic peracarid crustaceans on the bathyal Mediterranean: Influence of environmental factorsCartes, Joan Enric; Jaume, Damià; Madurell, TeresaArtículo
2012Mitogenomic phylogenetic analysis supports continental-scale vicariance in subterranean thalassoid crustaceansBauzà-Ribot, Maria M.; Juan, Carlos; Nardi, Francesco; Oromí, Pedro; Pons, Joan; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
1999New cave-dwelling amphipods (Lysianassidae, Hadziidae) from the Dominican Republic (Hispaniola)Jaume, Damià; Wagner, H.P.Artículo
30-Dec-1999New cave-dwelling pseudocyclopiids (Copepoda, Calanoida, Pseudocyclopiidae) from the Balearic, Canary, and Philippine archipelagosJaume, Damià; Fosshagen, Audun; Iliffe, Thomas M.Artículo
2007New genera of Bogidiellidae (Amphipoda: Gammaridea) from SW Pacific and Mediterranean marine cavesJaume, Damià; Gràcia, Francesc; Boxshall, Geoffrey AllanArtículo
1999New hyperbenthic species of Misophriopsis and Misophriella, first record of misophrioid copepods (Crustacea) from Antarctic watersMartínez, Pedro; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
30-Dec-1998A new species of Bathymedon Sars, 1892 (Amphipoda: Oedicerotidae) from the western Mediterranean bathyal floorJaume, Damià; Cartes, Joan Enric; Sorbe, Jean-ClaudeArtículo
2006A new species of Nuuanu (Amphipoda: Gammaridea: Melitidae) from shallow sandy bottoms of the Balearic Islands (W Mediterranean)Jaume, Damià; Box Centeno, AntonioArtículo
2001New stygobiont copepods (Calanoida; Misophrioida) from Bundera sinkhole, an anchialine cenote in north-western AustraliaJaume, Damià; Boxshall, Geoffrey Allan; Humphreys, W. F.Artículo
2009New subterranean Sebidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridea) from Vietnam and SW PacificJaume, Damià; Sket, Boris; Boxshall, Geoffrey AllanArtículo
6-Jul-2014Next-generation sequencing, phylogenetic signal and comparative mitogenomic analyses in Metacrangonyctidae (Amphipoda: Crustacea)Pons, Joan; Bauzà-Ribot, Maria M.; Jaume, Damià; Juan, CarlosArtículo
1999On the origin of Misophrioid copepods from anchialine cavesBoxshall, Geoffrey Allan; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
2013Reply to Phillips et al.Bauzà-Ribot, Maria M.; Juan, Carlos; Nardi, Francesco; Oromí, Pedro; Pons, Joan; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
2000Shallow-water and not deep-sea as most plausible origin for cave-dwelling Paramisophria species (Copepoda: Calanoida: Arietellidae), with description of three new species from Mediterranean bathyal hyperbenthos and littoral cavesJaume, Damià; Cartes, Joan Enric; Boxshall, Geoffrey AllanArtículo
Dec-2008Stephos (Copepoda: Calanoida: Stephidae) from Balearic caves (W Mediterranean)Jaume, Damià; Boxshall, Geoffrey Allan; Gràcia, FrancescArtículo
Jun-2014Syntopy in rare marine interstitial crustaceans (Amphipoda, Ingolfiellidae) from small coral islands in the Molucca Sea, IndonesiaVonk, Ronald; Jaume, DamiàArtículo
2009The complete mitochondrial genome of the subterranean crustacean Metacrangonyx longipes (Amphipoda): A unique gene order and extremely short control regionBauzà-Ribot, Maria M.; Jaume, Damià; Juan, Carlos; Pons, JoanArtículo

Showing results 35 to 54 of 59