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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1closedAccess1998Diatoms assemblages in springs from Castellón province (Eastern Spain)Aboal, M.; Puig, Mariàngels  ; Prefasi, M.artículo
2closedAccess2006Fluvial nutrient dynamics in a humanized landscape. Insights from a hierarchical perspectiveMartí, Eugènia ; Sabater, Francesc ; Riera, Joan L.; Merseburger, G. C.; Von Schiller, D. ; Argerich, A. ; Caille, F.; Fonollà, P. capítulo de libro
3closedAccess2003Chrysophyte cyst relationships to water chemistry in Pyrenean lakes (NE Spain) and their potential for environmental reconstruction.Pla, Sergi; Camarero, Lluís ; Catalán, Jordiartículo
4closedAccess2009Increased eutrophication and nutrient imbalances in the agricultural soil of NE Catalonia, Spain.Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Alcañiz, Josep M.; Poch, J. M.artículo
5closedAccess3-Oct-2002Evaluation of the environmental implications to include structural changes in a wastewater treatment plantVidal, N.; Poch, M.; Martí, Eugènia ; Roda, I. R.artículo
6closedAccess1998Hierarchy, spatial cofiguration, and nutrient cycling in a desert streamFisher, S. G.; Grimm, N. B.; Martí, Eugènia ; Gómez, R.artículo
7closedAccessApr-2013Partitioning of Thaumarchaeota populations along environmental gradients in alpine lakesAuguet, Jean-Christophe artículo
8closedAccessApr-2013Partitioning of Thaumarchaeota populations along environmental gradients in alpine lakes.Auguet, Jean-Christophe ; Casamayor, Emilio O. artículo
9closedAccessRestringido.pdf.jpg2003Modelling nitrogen fluxes in oligotrophic environments: NW Mediterranean and NE AtlanticCruzado, Antonio ; Bahamon, Nixon  artículo
10closedAccess2001The photosynthetic capacity of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica: Influence of nitrogen and lightAlcoverro, Teresa  ; Cebrian, Emma  ; Ballesteros, Enric  artículo
11openAccess2015Biofilm growth and nitrogen uptake responses to increases in nitrate and ammonium availabilityRibot, Miquel ; Von Schiller, D. ; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
12openAccess2011Lower P contents and more widespread terpene presence in old Bornean than in young Hawaiian tropical plant species guilds.Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Llusia, Joan; Owen, S. M.; Niinemets, Ü.artículo
13closedAccess2009Variation in stream C, N and P uptake along an altitudinal gradient: a space-for-time analogue to assess potential impacts of climate changeMartí, Eugènia ; Fonollà, P. ; Von Schiller, D. ; Sabater, Francesc ; Argerich, A. ; Ribot, Miquel ; Riera, Joan L.artículo
14openAccess2010Measurement of volatile terpene emissions in 70 dominant vascular plant species in Hawaii: Aliens emit more than nativesLlusia, Joan; Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Owen, S. M.; Niinemets, Ü.artículo
15openAccess2009Drought, warming and soil fertilization effects on leaf volatile terpene concentrations in Pinus halepensis and Quercus ilexBlanch, J. S.; Peñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Llusia, Joanartículo
16closedAccess2005Acidification in European mountain lake districts: a regional assessment of critical load exceedance.Curtis, C. J.; Botev, I.; Camarero, Lluís ; Catalán, Jordi; Cogalniceanu, D.; Hughes, M.; Kernan, M.; Kopacek, J.; Korhola, R.; Psenner, Roland; Rogora, M.; Stuchlík, Evzen; Veronesi, M.; Wright, R. F.artículo
17closedAccess2005The significance of European high mountain lakes in critical load distributions at the EMEP grid scale.Curtis, C. J.; Posh, M.; Casals-Carrasco, P.; Catalán, Jordi; Hughes, M.; Kernan, M.; Ventura, Marc  artículo
18closedAccess2012Variability in d15N natural abundance of basal resources in fluvial ecosystems: a meta-analysisPeipoch, Marc ; Martí, Eugènia ; Gacia, Esperança  artículo
19openAccess2010Higher Allocation to Low Cost Chemical Defenses in Invasive Species of HawaiiPeñuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Llusia, Joan; Owen, S. M.; Silva, J.; Niinemets, Ü.artículo
20openAccess2010Foliar Mono- and Sesquiterpene Contents in Relation to Leaf Economic Spectrum in Native and Alien Species in Oahu (Hawai’i)Sardans, Jordi; Llusia, Joan; Niinemets, Ü.; Owen, S.; Peñuelas, Josep; Foliar, J.artículo
21openAccess2009Global patterns of foliar nitrogen isotopes and their relationships with climate, mycorrhizal fungi, foliar nutrient concentrations, and nitrogen availabilityCraine, J. M.; Elmore, A. J.; Aidar, M. P. M.; Bustamante, Mercedes; Dawson, Todd E.; Hobbie, E. A.; Kahmen, A.; Mack, M. C.; McLauchlan, K. K.; Michelsen, A.; Nardoto, G. B.; Pardo, L. H.; Peñuelas, Josep; Reich, P. B.; Schuur, E. A. G.; Stock, W. D.; Templer, P. H.; Virginia, R. A.; Welker, J. M.; Wright, Ian J.artículo
22openAccess2009Nutrient allocations and metabolism in two collembolans with contrasting reproduction and growth strategiesLarsen, T. ; Ventura, Marc  ; Damgaard, C.; Hobbie, E. A.; Krogh, P. H.artículo
23openAccess2011Contraction, fragmentation and expansion dynamics determine nutrient availability in a Mediterranean forest stream.Von Schiller, D. ; Acuña, Vicenç; Graeber, D.; Martí, Eugènia ; Ribot, Miquel ; Sabater, Sergi; Timoner, X.; Tockner, K.artículo
24closedAccess2012Hydrological extremes modulate nutrient dynamics in mediterranean climate streams across different spatial scalesBernal, Susana  ; Von Schiller, D. ; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
25closedAccess4-Jun-2004Carbon and nitrogen stoichiometry and nitrogen cycling rates in streamsDodds, W. K.; Martí, Eugènia ; Tank, J. L.; Pontius, J.; Hamilton, S. K.; Grimm, N. B.; Bowden, W. B.; McDowell, W. H.; Peterson, B. J.; Valett, H. M.; Webster, J. R.; Gregory, S. V.artículo
26closedAccess2008Inter-annual, annual and seasonal variation of P and N retention in a perennial and an intermittent streamVon Schiller, D. ; Martí, Eugènia ; Riera, Joan L.; Ribot, Miquel ; Argerich, A. ; Fonollà, P. ; Sabater, Francesc artículo
27openAccess2011Temperature effects on decomposition of Posidonia oceanica mat.Pedersen, M. O.; Serrano, Oscar ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Holmer, Marianneartículo
28closedAccessFeb-2011Point-source effects on N and P uptake in a forested and an agricultural Mediterranean streamsMerseburger, G. C.; Martí, Eugènia ; Sabater, Francesc ; Ortiz, J. D.artículo
29closedAccessApr-2014Contrasts among macrophyte riparian species in their use of stream water nitrate and ammonium: insights from 15N natural abundancePeipoch, Marc ; Gacia, Esperança  ; Blesa, Alba ; Ribot, Miquel ; Riera, Joan L.; Martí, Eugènia artículo
30closedAccess2015A round-trip ticket: the importance of release processes for in-stream nutrient spiralingVon Schiller, D. ; Bernal, Susana  ; Sabater, Francesc ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
31openAccess2016Linking in-stream nutrient uptake to hydrologic retention in two headwater streamsDummond, Jennifer D.; Bernal, Susana  ; Von Schiller, D. ; Martí, Eugènia artículo
32closedAccess2017Responses of microbially driven leaf litter decomposition to stream nutrients depend on litter qualityBastias, Elliot ; Ribot, Miquel ; Romaní, Anna; Mora-Gómez, J.; Sabater, Francesc ; López, Pilar; Martí, Eugènia artículo
33closedAccess2000Production of mucilage by the adriatic epipelic diatom Cylindrotheca closterium (Bacillariophyceae) under nutrient limitationAlcoverro, Teresa  ; Conte, Ersilia; Mazzella, Luciaartículo
34openAccessArticle Bernal 2019.pdf.jpg2019Supply, Demand, and In-Stream Retention of Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrate During Storms in Mediterranean Forested Headwater StreamsBernal, Susana  ; Lupon, Anna ; Wolheim, W.; Sabater, Francesc ; Poblador, Sílvia; Martí, Eugènia artículo
35openAccess1311_1_merged_1333118992.pdf.jpg2012Nitrogen processing and the role of epilithic biofilms downstream of a wastewater treatment plantRibot, Miquel ; Martí, Eugènia ; Von Schiller, D. ; Sabater, Francesc ; Daims, H.; Battin, T. J.artículo
36openAccess3-Jun-2008Acid washing effect on elemental and isotopic composition of whole beach arthropods: implications for food web studies using stables isotopesSerrano, Oscar ; Serrano, Laura ; Mateo, Miguel Ángel  ; Colombini, Isabella; Chelazzi, Lorenzo; Gagnarli, Elena; Fallaci, Marioartículo
37closedAccessAug-2003Factors affecting ammonium uptake in streams - an Inter.-biome perspectiveWebster, J. R.; Mulholland, P. J.; Tank, J. L.; Valett, H. M.; Dodds, W. K.; Peterson, B. J.; Bowden, W. B.; Dahm, Clifford N.; Findaly, S.; Gregory, S. V.; Grimm, N. B.; Hamilton, S. K.; Johnson, S. L.; Martí, Eugènia ; McDowell, W. H.; Meyer, J. L.; Morrall, D. D.; Thomas, S. A.; Wollheim, W. M.artículo
38closedAccessJun-2002N uptake as a function of concentration in streamsDodds, W. K.; López, A. J.; Bowden, W. B.; Gregory, S.; Grimm, N. B.; Hamilton, S. K.; Hershey, A. E.; Martí, Eugènia ; McDowell, W. H.; Meyer, J. L.; Morrall, D.; Mulholland, P. J.; Peterson, B. J.; Tank, J. L.; Valett, H. M.; Webster, J. R.; Wollheim, W. M.artículo
39closedAccessMartí 1.pdf.jpg2017Drivers of nitrogen transfer in stream food webs across continentsNorman, B. C.; Whiles, M. R.; Collins, S. M.; Flecker, A. S.; Hamilton, S. K.; Johnson, S. L.; Rosi-Marshall, E. J.; Ashkenas, L. R.; Bowden, W. B.; Crenshaw, C. L.; Crowl, T.; Dodds, W. K.; Hall, R. O.; El-Sabaawi, R.; Griffiths, N. A.; Martí, Eugènia ; McDowell, W. H.; Peterson, S. D.; Rantala, H. M.; Riis, T.; Simon, K. S.; Tank, J. L.; Thomas, S. A.; Von Schiller, D. ; Webster, J. R.artículo
40openAccessnutrient.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2000Nutrient mass balance of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica: the importance of nutrient retranslocationAlcoverro, Teresa  ; Manzanera, Marta; Romero Martinengo, Javierartículo
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