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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1closedAccess11-Nov-2004Extensional tectonics in the northeastern Betics (SE Spain): case study of extension in a multilayered upper crust with contrasting rheologiesBooth-Rea, Guillermo; Azañón, José Miguel ; García-Dueñas, Víctorartículo
2closedAccessOct-2009Effect of activation conditions of a kaolinite based waste on rehology of blended cement pastesBanfill, P. F. G.; Rodríguez Largo, Olga ; Sánchez de Rojas, María Isabel; Frías, Moisés artículo
3closedAccessFeb-2007Rheology and conduction calorimetry of cement modified with calcined paper sludgeBanfill, P. F. G.; Frías, Moisés artículo
4closedAccess30-Jun-2007Effect of polycarboxylate admixture structure on cement paste rheologyAlonso López, Mª del Mar; Palacios, Marta ; Puertas, F.; Torre, A. G. de la; Aranda, M. A. G.artículo
5closedAccessAug-2009Adsorption of superplasticizer admixtures on alkali-activated slag pastesPalacios, Marta ; Houst, Y. F.; Bowen, P.; Puertas, F.artículo
6closedAccess1-Jan-2005Influence of glycols on the formation of lamellar liquid crystals with an anionic surfactant, oleic acid, and waterComelles, Francesc ; Sánchez-Leal, Joaquim ; González, Juan José artículo
7closedAccess23-Apr-2008Crustal rheology and seismicity in the Gibraltar Arc (western Mediterranean)Fernández-Ibáñez, F.; Soto, J. I.artículo
8closedAccess1-Jul-2006Phase behavior and preparation of mesoporous silica in aqueous mixtures of fluorinated surfactant and hydrophobic fluorinated polymerSharma, Suraj Chandra; Kunieda, Hironobu; Esquena, Jordi ; Rodríguez Abreu, Carlosartículo
9closedAccessOct-2008Small-scale gravitational instabilities under the oceans: Implications for the evolution of oceanic lithosphere and its expression in geophysical observablesZlotnik, Sergio ; Afonso, Juan Carlos ; Díez, P.; Fernandez, Manel  artículo
10openAccesshormigon.pdf.jpgMar-2004Verificación de las propiedades reológicas del hormigón sin vibradoRevuelta Crespo, David; Gallo, E.artículo
11openAccessRheological Behaviour of MELENDI DIEZ ALVAREZ.pdf.jpg2007Rheological Behaviour of Coal Modified by Waste Plastics and Lubricating-OilsMelendi Espina, Sonia ; Díez Díaz-Estébanez, María Antonia  ; Álvarez García, Ramón ; Castro, Miguel; Steel, Karen; Snape, Colin E.comunicación de congreso
12openAccessEuropean Food Research and Technology- 2006-223-333-340.pdf.jpgJul-2006Mixing properties of fibre-enriched wheat bread doughs: A response surface methodology studyRosell, Cristina M.  ; Santos, Eva; Collar, Concha artículo
13openAccessJ Food Engineering- 2008-84-132-139.pdf.jpgJan-2008Effect of different protein isolates and transglutaminase on rice flour propertiesMarco, Cristina ; Rosell, Cristina M.  artículo
14openAccessJ Food Engineering-2008-88-94-103.pdf.jpgSep-2008Functional and rheological properties of protein enriched gluten free composite floursMarco, Cristina ; Rosell, Cristina M.  artículo
15openAccessShrestha_Rekha_et_al.pdf.jpg2009Wormlike micelles in mixed amino acid surfactant/nonionic surfactant aqueous systems and the effect of added electrolytesShresta, Rekha Goswami; Rodríguez-Abreu, Carlos ; Aramaki, Kenjiartículo
Results 1-15 of 15 (Search time: 0.112 seconds).
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