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1openAccesshighly_sensitive_measurement_Malvar.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2015Highly sensitive measurement of liquid density in air using suspended microcapillary resonatorsMalvar, Óscar ; Ramos Vega, Daniel ; Domínguez, Carmen M.; Kosaka, Priscila M. ; Tamayo de Miguel, Francisco Javier ; Calleja, Montserrat  artículo
2openAccessLWT59 2014.pdf.jpg2014Influence of acidification on dough viscoelasticity of gluten-free rice starch-based dough matrices enriched with exogenous proteinRonda, Felicidad; Villanueva, Marina; Collar, Concha artículo
3closedAccess11-Nov-2004Extensional tectonics in the northeastern Betics (SE Spain): case study of extension in a multilayered upper crust with contrasting rheologiesBooth-Rea, Guillermo; Azañón, José Miguel ; García-Dueñas, Víctorartículo
4openAccessFood Function-2016.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2016In vitro digestibility of highly concentrated methylcellulose O/W emulsions: Rheological and structural changesEspert, María ; Salvador, Ana ; Sanz Taberner, Teresa artículo
5closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2018On the sensitivity of alginate rheology to compositionSuresh, Karthika; Häring, Marleen; Kumaraswamy, Guruswamy; Díaz Díaz, David  artículo
6closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2019Understanding the influence of carbon nanotubes on the flow behavior of liquid crystalline hydroxypropylcellulose: A Rheo-NMR studyEcheverría, Coro ; Almeida, Pedro L.; Figueirinhas, J. L.; Godinho, Maria H.artículo
7openAccessrevised manuscript.pdf.jpg2014A new route of synthesis of Na-Mica-4 from sodaliteNaranjo, Moisés; Castro Arroyo, Miguel Ángel ; Cota, Agustín; Pavón, Esperanza ; Pazos, M. Carolina ; Alba, María D. artículo
8openAccesspredict_gold_nanoparticles_polymer_hybrid_microgel_agglomeration_rheological.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2019A way to predict gold nanoparticles/polymer hybrid microgel agglomeration based on rheological studiesEcheverría, Coro ; Mijangos, Carmen artículo
9closedAccess2015Southwest Iberia uplift investigated by Flexural ModellingNeves, M.C.; Figueiredo, P.M.; Martínez-Loriente, S.  comunicación de congreso
10closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Mouthfeel perception of wine: Oral physiology, components and instrumental characterizationLaguna Cruañes, Laura ; Bartolomé, Begoña  ; Moreno-Arribas, M. Victoria  artículo
11embargoedAccess2019Simple Method for Rheological Determination of Surfactant Layer Thickness, Adsorbed on Soft Rubber ParticlesSingh, Manroshan; Tadros, Tharwat F.; Solans, Conxita ; Booten, Karl; Levecke, Bart; Esquena, Jordi artículo
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Effect of hydrogen bonding on the physicochemical and rheological features of chemically modified phenoxySangroniz, L.; Sangroniz, A.; Alegría, Ángel ; Fernandez, M.; Irusta, L.; Müller, Alejandro J.; Etxeberria, Agustín; Santamaría, A.artículo
13openAccessLWT2018-Collar.pdf.jpg29-May-2018Impact of acidification and protein fortification on rheological and thermal properties of wheat, corn, potato and tapioca starch-based gluten-free bread doughsVillanueva, Marina; Pérez-Quirce, Sandra; Collar, Concha ; Ronda, Felicidadartículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgDec-2016Impact of aluminum on the structure of geopolymers from the early stages to consolidated materialBenavent, Virnie; Steins, Prune; Sobrados, Isabel ; Sanz Lázaro, Jesús; Lambertin, David; Frizon, Fabien; Rossignol, Sylvie; Poulesquen, Arnaudartículo
15closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Physico-chemical and rheological characterization of olive-pomace oilsSánchez-Gutiérrez, Carla Andrea; Casas, Marta; Lucero, M. Jesús; Ruiz Méndez, Mª Victoria  artículo
16openAccessT_2011_30_TC1001.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2011Cenozoic deformation of Iberia: A model for intraplate mountain building and basin development based on analogue modelingFernández-Lozano, J. ; Sokoutis, D.; Willingshofer, E.; Cloetingh, S. ; Vicente, G. de artículo
17openAccessT_2012_31_TC6005.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2012Integrated gravity and topography analysis in analog models: Intraplate deformation in IberiaFernández-Lozano, J. ; Sokoutis, D.; Willingshofer, E.; Dombrádi, E.; Muñoz-Martín, A. ; Vicente, G. de ; Cloetingh, S. artículo
18openAccess1326_002.pdf.jpg2012Repulsion forces of superplasticizers on ground granulated blast furnace slag in alkaline media, from AFM measurements to rheological propertiesPalacios, Marta ; Kappl, M.; Stuer, M.; Aschauer, U.; Bowen, P.; Butt, H.J.; Pecharromán, Carlos ; Puertas, F.artículo
19closedAccess2013Compatibility between polycarboxylate-based admixtures and blended-cement pastesAlonso López, Mª del Mar; Palacios, Marta ; Puertas, F.artículo
20closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Extrusion processed polymer electrolytes based on poly(ethylene oxide) and modified sepiolite nanofibers: Effect of composition and filler nature on rheology and conductivityMejía, Alberto ; García, Nuria ; Guzmán, Julio ; Tiemblo, Pilarartículo
21closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2018Rheological analysis of irradiated crosslinkable and scissionable polymers used for medical devices under different radiation conditionsSatti, A. J.; Ressia, J. A.; Cerrada, María L. ; Andreucetti, N. A.; Vallés, Enrique M.artículo
22openAccessCELULOSAS DEF.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2017Relationship between cellulose chemical substitution, structure and fat digestion in o/w emulsionsEspert, María ; Borreani, J.; Hernando, I.; Quiles, A.; Salvador, Ana ; Sanz Taberner, Teresa artículo
23openAccessPostprint_2017_EJLST_V119_1600408.pdf.jpgSep-2017Influence of refining processes on content of bioactive compounds, rheology, and 9 texture of olive pomace oil for use in topical formulationsSánchez-Gutiérrez, Carla Andrea; Ruiz Méndez, Mª Victoria  ; Jiménez-Castellanos, María Rosa; Lucero, María Jesúsartículo
24openAccessPerezEstaun_Boletin_Geologico_Minero_128_3_587.pdf.jpgOct-2017Paleostress evolution during the exhumation of high-P marbles, samaná complex, Northern HispaniolaFernández, Francisco J. ; Rodríguez, I.; Escuder-Viruete, J.; Pérez-Estaún, Andrés ; Mariani, E.; Prior, D.artículo
25openAccessFood Hydrocolloids-Espert.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2018Effect of xanthan gum on palm oil in vitro digestion. Application in starch-based filling creamsEspert, Maria; Constantinescu, L.; Sanz Taberner, Teresa ; Salvador, Ana artículo
26closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2017Competition between supernucleation and plasticization in the crystallization and rheological behavior of PCL/CNT-based nanocomposites and nanohybridsVega, Juan Francisco ; Fernández-Alcázar, Joel; López, Juan V.; Michell, Rose Mary; Pérez-Camargo, Ricardo A.; Ruelle, B.; Martínez-Salazar, Javier ; Arnal, M. L.; Dubois, Philippe; Müller, Alejandro J.artículo
27openAccessreadyheating.pdf.jpg2017Ready-to-eat chickpea flour purée or cream processed by hydrostatic high pressure with final microwave heatingÁlvarez, M. Dolores  ; Herranz, Beatriz  ; Campos, Gema ; Canet, Wenceslao artículo
28closedAccessOct-2009Effect of activation conditions of a kaolinite based waste on rehology of blended cement pastesBanfill, P. F. G.; Rodríguez Largo, Olga ; Sánchez de Rojas, María Isabel; Frías, Moisés artículo
29closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1994Influence of Thermal Treatment on Gelation of Actomyosin from Different MyosystemsJiménez Colmenero, Francisco ; Careche, Mercedes  ; Carballo, José ; Cofrades, Susana artículo
30closedAccessMar-2013Rheological and calorimetric behaviour of cements blended with containing ceramic sanitary ware and construction/demolition wasteMedina, César; Banfill, P. F. G.; Sánchez de Rojas, María Isabel; Frías, Moisés artículo
31closedAccessFeb-2007Rheology and conduction calorimetry of cement modified with calcined paper sludgeBanfill, P. F. G.; Frías, Moisés artículo
32openAccessclays and clay minerals 1999.pdf.jpg1999Mineral-content and particle-size effects on the colloidal properties of concentrated lateritic suspensionsCerpa, Arisbel; García-González, M. T. ; Tartaj, Pedro ; Requena, J. ; Garcell, L.; Serna Pereda, Carlos J. artículo
33closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1996Rheological properties of concentrated lateritic suspensionsCerpa, Arisbel; García-González, M. T. ; Tartaj, Pedro ; Requena, J. ; Garcell, L.; Serna Pereda, Carlos J. artículo
34openAccesscomparisonsardine.pdf.jpg1997Comparison of different gelation methods using washed sardine (Sardina pilchardus) mince: Effects of temperature and pressureMontero García, Pilar  ; Pérez-Mateos, Miriam  ; Solas, M. Teresaartículo
35openAccesspresstimetemp.pdf.jpg1997High-pressure-induced gel of sardine (Sardina pilchardus) washed mince as affected by pressure-time-temperaturePérez-Mateos, Miriam  ; Montero García, Pilar  artículo
36closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1997Improvement of giant squid (Dosidicus gigas) muscle gelation by using gelling ingredientsGómez Guillén, M. C. ; Montero García, Pilar  artículo
37closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1997Salt, Nonmuscle Proteins, and Hydrocolloids Affecting Rigidity Changes during Gelation of Giant Squid (Dosidicus gigas)Gómez Guillén, M. C. ; Borderías, A. Javier ; Montero García, Pilar  artículo
38openAccessBayarri-Food Hydrocolloids-2010.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2010Comparing λ-carrageenan and an inulin blend as fat replacers in carboxymethyl cellulose dairy desserts. Rheological and sensory aspectsBayarri, Sara ; Chuliá, I.; Costell, Elvira artículo
39openAccessTárrega-LWT-Effect of blends.pdf.jpgApr-2010Effect of blends of short and long-chain inulin on the rheological and sensory properties of prebiotic low-fat custardsTárrega, Amparo ; Rocafull, Amparo; Costell, Elvira artículo
40closedAccess30-Jun-2007Effect of polycarboxylate admixture structure on cement paste rheologyAlonso López, Mª del Mar; Palacios, Marta ; Puertas, F.; Torre, A. G. de la; Aranda, M. A. G.artículo
41closedAccessAug-2009Adsorption of superplasticizer admixtures on alkali-activated slag pastesPalacios, Marta ; Houst, Y. F.; Bowen, P.; Puertas, F.artículo
42closedAccessMay-2010Metakaolin sand–blended-cement pastes: Rheology, hydration process and mechanical propertiesJanotka, I.; Puertas, F.; Palacios, Magdalena; Kuliffayová, M.; Varga, C.artículo
43openAccessComparative.Characterization.Dietary.pdf.jpgJul-2010Comparative characterization of dietary fibre enriched frozen/thawed mashed potatoesÁlvarez, M. Dolores  ; Fernández, Cristina; Olivares, M. Dolores ; Canet, Wenceslao artículo
44closedAccess1-Jan-2005Influence of glycols on the formation of lamellar liquid crystals with an anionic surfactant, oleic acid, and waterComelles, Francesc ; Sánchez-Leal, Joaquim ; González, Juan José artículo
45closedAccess23-Apr-2008Crustal rheology and seismicity in the Gibraltar Arc (western Mediterranean)Fernández-Ibáñez, F.; Soto, J. I.artículo
46closedAccess1-Jul-2006Phase behavior and preparation of mesoporous silica in aqueous mixtures of fluorinated surfactant and hydrophobic fluorinated polymerSharma, Suraj Chandra; Kunieda, Hironobu; Esquena, Jordi ; Rodríguez Abreu, Carlosartículo
47closedAccessOct-2008Small-scale gravitational instabilities under the oceans: Implications for the evolution of oceanic lithosphere and its expression in geophysical observablesZlotnik, Sergio ; Afonso, Juan Carlos ; Díez, P.; Fernandez, Manel  artículo
48openAccesshormigon.pdf.jpgMar-2004Verificación de las propiedades reológicas del hormigón sin vibradoRevuelta Crespo, David; Gallo, E.artículo
49openAccessRheological Behaviour of MELENDI DIEZ ALVAREZ.pdf.jpg2007Rheological Behaviour of Coal Modified by Waste Plastics and Lubricating-OilsMelendi Espina, Sonia ; Díez Díaz-Estébanez, María Antonia  ; Álvarez García, Ramón ; Castro, Miguel; Steel, Karen; Snape, Colin E.comunicación de congreso
50closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Comparison of filler percolation and mechanical properties in graphene and carbon nanotubes filled epoxy nanocompositesMartin-Gallego, Mario ; Bernal, M. Mar ; Hernandez, M.; Verdejo, Raquel  ; López-Manchado, Miguel A. artículo
Results 1-50 of 92 (Search time: 0.368 seconds).