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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1closedAccess1975Concentric bodies in three lichen speciesAscaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; Galván, Jesúsartículo
2openAccessWierzchos_etal_Astrobiology.pdf.jpg2006Endolithic Cyanobacteria in Halite Rocks from the Hyperarid Core of the Atacama DesertWierzchos, Jacek CSIC ORCID ; Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; McKay, Christopher P.artículo
3closedAccess2004In situ microscopical diagnosis of biodeterioration processes at the convent of Santa Cruz la Real, Segovia, SpainRíos, Asunción de los CSIC ORCID ; Galván, Virginia; Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID artículo
4closedAccess1998Study of the biogenic weathering of calcareous litharenite stones caused by lichen and endolithic microorganismsAscaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; Wierzchos, Jacek CSIC ORCID ; Castelló, Ricardo CSICartículo
5closedAccess1986Ultrastructural Changes in Chroplasts of Quercus rotundifolia Lam. in Response to Evernic Acid.Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
6closedAccess1987Influence of prefixation in the study of the structure of symbionts of Lobaria spp.Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
7closedAccessJan-2008Advances in the ultrastructural study of the implant–bone interface by backscattered electron imaging.Wierzchos, Jacek CSIC ORCID ; Falcioni, T.; Kiciak, A.; Wolin´ski, J.; Koczorowski, R.; Chomicki, P.; Porembska, M.; Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID artículo
8openAccess2005Biomineralization of endolithic microbes in rocks from the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica: implications for microbial fossil formation and their detectionWierzchos, Jacek CSIC ORCID ; García Sancho, Leopoldo; Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID artículo
9openAccessAnnals of Botany Company62070.pdf.jpg1988Effects of light and Dark on the Ultrastructure of Lichen AlgaeBrown, D. H.; Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; Rapsch, Soniaartículo
10closedAccess1986Pigment Analysis of Sun and Shade Populations of Cladonia VerticillarisLegaz, María Estrella; Vicente, Carlos; Ascaso, Carmen CSIC ORCID ; Pereira, Eugenia C.; Filho, L. Xavierartículo