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1closedAccessPHYTO-11-22-0440-first look.pdf.jpgSep-2023Induction of Glandular Trichomes to Control Bemisia tabaci in Tomato Crops: Modulation by the Natural Enemy Nesidiocoris tenuisRiahi, Chaymaa; Urbaneja, Alberto CSIC ORCID; Fernández-Muñoz, Rafael; Fortes, Isabel M; Moriones, Enrique; Pérez-Hedo, Meritxellartículo
2openAccess0709.Beta Nomenclature.Rev.V13 .pdf.jpg4-Apr-2008Recommendations for the classification and nomenclature of the DNA-beta satellites of begomoviruses.Moriones, Enriqueartículo
3openAccessvirology 379 (2008).pdf.jpg15-Sep-2008Multiple suppressors of RNA silencing encoded by both genomic RNAs of the crinivirus, Tomato chlorosis virusCañizares, M. Carmen CSIC ORCID; Navas-Castillo, Jesús; Moriones, Enriqueartículo
4openAccesspicrender.pdf.jpg2-Jul-1990Characterization of a satellite RNA associated with strain K8 of cucumber mosaic virusFraile, Aurora; Moriones, Enrique; García-Arenal, Fernandoartículo
5openAccessJasmonate-Inducible Defense Trait.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2016A Jasmonate-Inducible Defense Trait Transferred from Wild into Cultivated Tomato Establishes Increased Whitefly Resistance and Reduced Viral Disease IncidenceEscobar-Bravo, Rocio; Alba Cano, Juan Manuel; Pons, Clara CSIC ORCID; Granell, Antonio CSIC ORCID; Kant, Merijn; Moriones, Enrique; Fernández-Muñoz, Rafaelartículo
6closedAccessPHYTO-09-22-0334-R.R3_Proof_fl.pdf.jpgJul-2023Crinivirus Tomato Chlorosis Virus Compromises the Control of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Tomato Plants by the Ty-1 GeneFortes, Isabel M; Fernández-Muñoz, Rafael; Moriones, Enriqueartículo
7openAccessjournal.pone.0027329.pdf.jpg2011Sweepoviruses Cause Disease in Sweet Potato and Related Ipomoea spp.: Fulfilling Koch's Postulates for a Divergent Group in the Genus BegomovirusTrenado, Helena P.; Orílio, Anelise F.; Márquez-Martín, Belén; Moriones, Enrique; Navas-Castillo, Jesúsartículo
8openAccessjournal.pone.0033064.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2012Acylsucrose-producing tomato plants forces Bemisia tabaci to shift its preferred settling and feeding siteRodríguez-López, M. J.; Garzo, E. CSIC ORCID ; Bonani, J. P.; Fernández-Muñoz, Rafael; Moriones, Enrique; Fereres, Alberto CSIC ORCIDartículo
9openAccess10.15517_rbt.v67i3.33457.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2019Achievements in the epidemiology of begomovirusesand their vector Bemisia tabaci in Costa RicaBarboza, N; Hernández, Eduardo; Inoue-Nagata, AK; Moriones, Enrique; Hilje, L.artículo
10openAccessSJAR_2008.pdf.jpg2008Review. Rapid evolution of the population of begomoviruses associated with the tomato yellow leaf curl disease after invasion of a new ecological nicheMoriones, Enrique; Navas-Castillo, Jesúsartículo