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1openAccessjournal.pone.0027031.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2011Vision Is Adapted to the Natural Level of Blur Present in the Retinal ImageSawides, Lucie; Gracia, Pablo de ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Webste, Michael A.; Marcos, Susana  ; Marcos, Susana  artículo
2closedAccess1999The depth-of-field of the human eye with polychromatic light from objective and subjective measurementsMarcos, Susana  ; Moreno Barriuso, Esther; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
3openAccessWO2011151497A1.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2011Method for producing an isoplanatic aspheric monofocal intraocular lens, and resul ting lensBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Montejo, Javier; Salazar Salegui, Pedrosolicitud de patente
4openAccessDorronsoro.pdf.jpg2009Experimental evaluation of optimized ablation patterns for laser refractive surgeryDorronsoro, Carlos ; Remón, Laura; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  artículo
5openAccessDorronsoro.pdf.jpg2011Effect of air-flow on the evaluation of refractive surgery ablation patternsDorronsoro, Carlos ; Schumacher, Silvia; Pérez Merino, Pablo ; Siegel, Jan  ; Mrochen, Michael; Marcos, Susana  artículo
6openAccessCastro.pdf.jpg2010Three-dimensional reconstruction of the crystalline lens gradient index distribution from OCT imagingCastro, Alberto de ; Ortiz, Sergio ; Gambra, Enrique ; Siedlecki, Damian; Marcos, Susana  artículo
7openAccessMarcos.pdf.jpg2006Aberrometry: basic science and clinical applicationsMarcos, Susana  artículo
8openAccessBorja.pdf.jpg2010Distortions of the posterior surface in optical coherence tomography images of the isolated crystalline lens: effect of the lens gradient indexBorja, David; Siedlecki, Damian; Castro, Alberto de ; Uhlhorn, Stephen; Ortiz, Sergio ; Arrieta, Esdras; Parel, Jean Marie; Marcos, Susana  ; Manns, Fabriceartículo
9openAccessOrtiz.pdf.jpg2011Corneal topography from spectral optical coherence tomography (sOCT)Ortiz, Sergio ; Siedlecki, Damian; Pérez Merino, Pablo ; Chia, Noelia; Castro, Alberto de ; Szkulmowski, Maciej; Wojtkowski, Maciej; Marcos, Susana  artículo
10openAccessMarcos.pdf.jpg2002Ocular aberrations with ray tracing and Shack-Hartmann wave-front sensors: Does polarization play a role?Marcos, Susana  ; Díaz-Santana, Luis; Llorente, Lourdes; Dainty, Chrisartículo
11closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Cone directionality from laser ray tracing in normal and LASIK patientsMarcos, Susana  ; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
12closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Age-dependent variation of the gradient index profile in human crystalline lenses.Castro, Alberto de ; Siedlecki, Damian; Borja, David; Uhlhorn, Stephen; Parel, Jean Marie; Manns, Fabrice; Marcos, Susana  artículo
13closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Contrast sensitivity benefit of adaptive optics correction of ocular aberrations.Gracia, Pablo de ; Marcos, Susana  ; Mathur, A.; Atchison, David A.artículo
14closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2011Visual acuity under combined astigmatism and coma: optical and neural adaptation effects.Gracia, Pablo de ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Marín, G.; Hernández, Marta; Marcos, Susana  artículo
15openAccessEP2145603A1-3.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2010Analytical design of intraocular lensesBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  ; Dorronsoro, Carlos solicitud de patente
16closedAccess3-Dec-2007Balance of corneal horizontal coma by internal optics in eyes with intraocular artificial lenses: Evidence of a passive mechanismMarcos, Susana  ; Rosales, Patricia; Llorente, Lourdes; Barbero, Sergio ; Jiménez-Alfaro, Ignacio artículo
17openAccess209.pdf.jpg2006Investigación en Optica Fisiologica en España: Un repaso a los orígenesMarcos, Susana  ; Artal, Pablo; Santamaría, Javier; Aguilar, Mariano; Plaza, Lorenzoartículo
18closedAccess26-Jan-2010Optical distortion correction in Optical Coherence Tomography for quantitative ocular anterior segment by three-dimensional imagingOrtiz, Sergio ; Siedlecki, Damian; Grulkowski, Ireneusz; Remón, Laura; Pascual, Daniel ; Wojtkowski, Maciej; Marcos, Susana  artículo
19openAccessWO2009121993A1.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2009Fluorescent compounds for the diagnosis of infections, production method, and applications thereofAcuña, A. Ulises ; Amat-Guerri, Francisco ; Carrillo Gallego, Eugenia; Hornillos, Valentín ; Marcos, Susana  ; Requejo Isidro, José María; Rivas López, Luis Ignacio; Saugar Cruz, José María; Del Aguila de la Puente, Carmen; Merayo-Lloves, Jesúspatente
20openAccess2313837_B1.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2009Diseño analítico de lentes intraocularesBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  ; Dorronsoro, Carlos patente
21openAccessBarbero.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2011Design of isoplanatic aspheric monofocal intraocular lensesBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  ; Montejo, Javier; Dorronsoro, Carlos artículo
22openAccessWO2010116019A1.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2010Instrument for simulating multifocal ophthalmic correctionsDorronsoro, Carlos ; Marcos, Susana  solicitud de patente
23openAccessGrulkowski.pdf.jpg2009Anterior segment imaging with Spectral OCT system using a high-speed CMOS cameraGrulkowski, Ireneusz; Gora, Michalina; Szkulmowski, Maciej; Gorczynska, Iwona; Szlag, Daniel; Marcos, Susana  ; Kowalczyk, Andrzej; Wojtkowski, Maciejartículo
24openAccessCastro.pdf.jpg2011Accuracy of the reconstruction of the crystalline lens gradient index with optimization methods from Ray Tracing and Optical Coherence Tomography dataCastro, Alberto de ; Barbero, Sergio ; Ortiz, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  artículo
25openAccess2346175_A1.pdf.jpg11-Oct-2010Instrumento para la simulación de correcciones oftálmicas multifocalesDorronsoro, Carlos ; Marcos, Susana  solicitud de patente
26openAccessES2374916A1.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2012Procedimiento para elaborar una lente intraocular monofocal asférica isoplanática y lente obtenida empleando dicho procedimientoBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Montejo, Javier; Salazar Salegui, Pedrosolicitud de patente
27closedAccess22-Feb-2007Tilt and decentration of intraocular lenses in vivo from Purkinje and Scheimpflug imaging Validation studyCastro, Alberto de ; Rosales, Patricia; Marcos, Susana  artículo
28closedAccess18-Aug-2008Analysis of the optical field on the human retina from wavefront aberration dataBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  artículo
29closedAccessMar-1995Through focus image quality of eyes implanted with monofocal and multifocal intraocular lensesArtal, Pablo; Marcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafael; Miranda, Ismael; Ferro, Manuelartículo
30openAccessPMMA_models.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2006Experiments on PMMA models to predict the impact of corneal refractive surgery on corneal shapeDorronsoro, Carlos ; Cano, Daniel; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  artículo
31closedAccessMar-2006Phakometry and lens tilt and decentration using a custom-developed Purkinje imaging apparatus: validation and measurementsRosales, Patricia; Marcos, Susana  artículo
32closedAccess12-May-2006Effects of interactions among wave aberrations on optical image qualityMcLellan, J. S.; Prieto, P. M.; Marcos, Susana  ; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
33openAccessAberrations_visual_performance.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2001Aberrations and Visual Performance Following Standard Laser Vision CorrectionMarcos, Susana  artículo
34closedAccess15-Mar-2002Contrast improvement of confocal retinal imaging by use of phase-correcting platesBurns, Stephen A.; Marcos, Susana  ; Elsner, Ann E.; Bará, Salvador artículo
35openAccessOn_eye_measurement.pdf.jpgFeb-2003On-Eye Measurement of Optical Performance of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Based on Ocular and Corneal AberrometryDorronsoro, Carlos ; Barbero, Sergio ; Llorente, Lourdes; Marcos, Susana  artículo
36closedAccess4-Nov-1999A new approach to the study of ocular chromatic aberrationsMarcos, Susana  ; Burns, Stephen A.; Moreno Barriuso, Esther; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
37closedAccess15-Mar-1999The depth-of-field of the human eye from objective and subjective measurementsMarcos, Susana  ; Moreno Barriuso, Esther; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
38closedAccess1-Apr-1997Determination of the foveal cone spacing by ocular speckle interferometry: Limiting factors and acuity predictionsMarcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
39closedAccessJul-1997Foveal Cone Spacing and Cone Photopigment Density Difference: Objective Measurements in the Same SubjectsMarcos, Susana  ; Tornow, Ralf-Peter; Elsner, Ann E.; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
40openAccessDouble_pass_measurement.pdf.jpgJan-2003Double-Pass Measurement of Retinal Image Quality in the Chicken EyeColetta, Nancy J.; Marcos, Susana  ; Wildsoet, Christine; Troilo, Davidartículo
41closedAccessJun-2004Comparison of real and computer-simulated outcomes of LASIK refractive surgeryCano, Daniel; Barbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  artículo
42openAccessEffect_sampling.pdf.jpgSep-2007Effect of sampling on real ocular aberration measurementsLlorente, Lourdes; Marcos, Susana  ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
43openAccessCustomized_computer_models.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2007Customized computer models of eyes with intraocular lensesRosales, Patricia; Marcos, Susana  artículo
44openAccessRosales-2008-jov-8-1-18.pdf.jpg28-Jan-2008Changes in crystalline lens radii of curvature and lens tilt and decentration during dynamic accommodation in rhesus monkeysRosales, Patricia; Wendt, Mark; Marcos, Susana  ; Glasser, Adrianartículo
45openAccessRosales-2006-jov-6-10-5.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2006Crystalline lens radii of curvature from Purkinje and Scheimpflug imagingRosales, Patricia; Dubbelman, Michiel; Marcos, Susana  ; Van der Heijde, Robartículo
46openAccessPentacam.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2008Pentacam Scheimpflug Quantative Imaging of the crystalline lens and intraocular lensRosales, Patricia; Marcos, Susana  artículo
47openAccessSMarcos_Image_quality.pdf.jpg2003Image quality of the human eyeMarcos, Susana  artículo
48openAccessComparing_laser_ray_tracing_OVS.pdf.jpgMar-2001Comparing laser ray tracing, spatially resolved refractometer and Hartmann-Shack sensor to measure the ocular wave aberrationMoreno Barriuso, Esther; Marcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafael; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
49openAccessReference_axis_selection.pdf.jpgSep-2000Reference Axis Selection: Subcommittee Report of the OSA Working Group to Establish Standards for Measurement and Reporting of Optical Aberrations of the EyeApplegate, Raymond A.; Thibos, Larry N.; Bradley, Arthur; Marcos, Susana  ; Roorda, Austin; Salmon, Thomas O.; Atchison, David A.artículo
50openAccessMay-2001Ocular Aberrations before and after Myopic Corneal Refractive Surgery: LASIK-Induced Changes Measured with Laser Ray TracingMoreno Barriuso, Esther; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
Results 1-50 of 311 (Search time: 1.073 seconds).