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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessAberrations_visual_performance.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2001Aberrations and Visual Performance Following Standard Laser Vision CorrectionMarcos, Susana  artículo
2openAccessSMarcos_Image_quality.pdf.jpg2003Image quality of the human eyeMarcos, Susana  artículo
3openAccessReference_axis_selection.pdf.jpgSep-2000Reference Axis Selection: Subcommittee Report of the OSA Working Group to Establish Standards for Measurement and Reporting of Optical Aberrations of the EyeApplegate, Raymond A.; Thibos, Larry N.; Bradley, Arthur; Marcos, Susana  ; Roorda, Austin; Salmon, Thomas O.; Atchison, David A.artículo
4openAccessMay-2001Ocular Aberrations before and after Myopic Corneal Refractive Surgery: LASIK-Induced Changes Measured with Laser Ray TracingMoreno Barriuso, Esther; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
5closedAccess25-Jul-2007Emmetropization and optical aberrations in a myopic corneal refractive surgery chick modelGarcía de la Cera, Elena; Rodríguez, Guadalupe; Castro, Alberto de ; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Marcos, Susana  artículo
6openAccessNew_technology.pdf.jpgDec-2002Nueva tecnología en cirugía refractiva y de cataratas: ¿hacia una optimización de la corrección?Marcos, Susana  artículo
7closedAccess1-Dec-2001Investigating sources of variability of monochromatic and transverse chromatic aberrations across eyesMarcos, Susana  ; Burns, Stephen A.; Prieto, Pedro M.; Navarro, Rafael; Baraibar, Begoñaartículo
8openAccessDec-2001Optical Response to LASIK Surgery for Myopia from Total and Corneal Aberration MeasurementsMarcos, Susana  ; Barbero, Sergio ; Llorente, Lourdes; Merayo-Lloves, Jesúsartículo
9closedAccess9-Sep-2002Corneal and total optical aberrations in a unilateral aphakic patientBarbero, Sergio ; Marcos, Susana  ; Merayo-Lloves, Jesúsartículo
10closedAccessMay-2001Age-Related Changes in Monochromatic Wave Aberrations of the Human EyeMcLellan, James S.; Marcos, Susana  ; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
11openAccessIncrease_corneal_asphericity.pdf.jpgSep-2003Increase in corneal asphericity after standard laser in situ keratomileusis for myopia is not inherent to the Munnerlyn algorithmMarcos, Susana  ; Cano, Daniel; Barbero, Sergio artículo
12openAccessAberrometry.pdf.jpgFeb-2003Aberrometry: clinical and research applicationsApplegate, Raymond A.; Marcos, Susana  ; Thibos, Larry N.artículo
13openAccessAberrometry_II.pdf.jpgJan-2003Aberrometry: the past, present and future of optometryThibos, Larry N.; Applegate, Raymond A.; Marcos, Susana  artículo
14closedAccess9-May-2002Imperfect optics may be the eye’s defence against chromatic blurMcLellan, James S.; Marcos, Susana  ; Prieto, Pedro M.; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
15openAccessBarbero_Tesis_Completa.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2004Optical quality of the cornea and the crystalline lens: Implementation of objective techniques and clinical applicationsBarbero, Sergio tesis doctoral
Results 1-15 of 15 (Search time: 0.152 seconds).
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