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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1closedAccess3-Dec-2007Balance of corneal horizontal coma by internal optics in eyes with intraocular artificial lenses: Evidence of a passive mechanismMarcos, Susana  ; Rosales, Patricia; Llorente, Lourdes; Barbero, Sergio ; Jiménez-Alfaro, Ignacio artículo
2closedAccess15-Mar-1999The depth-of-field of the human eye from objective and subjective measurementsMarcos, Susana  ; Moreno Barriuso, Esther; Navarro, Rafaelartículo
3openAccessComparing_laser_ray_tracing_OVS.pdf.jpgMar-2001Comparing laser ray tracing, spatially resolved refractometer and Hartmann-Shack sensor to measure the ocular wave aberrationMoreno Barriuso, Esther; Marcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafael; Burns, Stephen A.artículo
4openAccessMarcos-2008-jov-8-13-1.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2008Influence of adaptive-optics ocular aberration correction on visual acuity at different luminances and contrast polaritiesMarcos, Susana  ; Sawides, Lucie; Gambra, Enrique ; Dorronsoro, Carlos artículo
5closedAccessFeb-1995Odd aberrations and double-pass measurements of retinal image qualityArtal, Pablo; Marcos, Susana  ; Navarro, Rafael; Williams, David R.artículo
6openAccessAberrations_human_eye.pdf.jpgJan-2003Aberrations of the Human Eye in Visible and Near Infrared IlluminationLlorente, Lourdes; Díaz-Santana, Luis; Lara-Saucedo, David; Marcos, Susana  artículo
7closedAccess3-Mar-2006Optical aberrations in the mouse eyeGarcía de la Cera, Elena; Rodríguez, Guadalupe; Llorente, Lourdes; Schaeffel, Frank; Marcos, Susana  artículo
8closedAccess26-Jul-2005Longitudinal changes of optical aberrations in normal and form-deprived myopic chick eyesGarcía de la Cera, Elena; Rodríguez, Guadalupe; Marcos, Susana  artículo
9openAccessLaboratorio.pdf.jpg2006Laboratorio de Óptica Visual y Biofotónica, Instituto de Óptica (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas): logros recientes, líneas de investigación y direcciones futurasMarcos, Susana  ; Barbero, Sergio ; Castro, Alberto de ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; García de la Cera, Elena; Heras, Gemma ; Merayo-Lloves, Jesús; Jiménez-Alfaro, Ignacio ; Llorente, Lourdes; Ortiz, Sergio ; Requejo-Isidro, José; Rosales, Patricia; Sawides, Lucieartículo
10openAccessAdaptation0001.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2014Adaptation to contralateral differences in ocular blurRadhakrishnan, A. ; Sawides, L. ; Dorronsoro, Carlos ; Marcos, Susana  comunicación de congreso