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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1openAccessChaos.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2000Second-harmonic generation in highly textured LiNbO₃ films prepared by pulsed laser depositionChaos, J. A.; Pruneri, V.; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso, Carmen N. artículo
2openAccessGordillo.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2001Temporal and spatial evolution of the electronic density and temperature of the plasma produced by laser ablation of LiNbO₃Gordillo Vázquez, Francisco J.  ; Perea, Ángel ; Chaos, J. A.; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso, Carmen N. artículo
3openAccess21-Jun-2007From silver nanolentils to nanocolumns: surface plasmon–polaritons and confined acoustic vibrationsMargueritat, J. ; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso, Carmen N. ; Bachelier, G.; Mlayah, A.; Laarakker, A. S.; Murray, D. B.; Saviot, L.artículo
4openAccessMargueritat.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2006Production of self-aligned metal nanocolumns embedded in an oxide matrix filmMargueritat, J. ; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso, Carmen N. ; Ortiz, M. Isabel; Ballesteros Pérez, Carmen Inésartículo
5openAccessFinal_Self_sputter_Zn_Appl_A_2004.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2004Evidence for self-sputtering during pulsed laser deposition of ZnHidalgo, J. G.; Serna, Rosalía ; Haro-Poniatowski, E. ; Afonso, Carmen N. artículo
6openAccessBi_Nanoplane_thermal_ApplA_2004.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2004Structural and thermal properties of a Bi nano-plane embedded in amorphous germaniumHaro-Poniatowski, E. ; Serna, Rosalía ; Afonso, Carmen N. ; Jouanne, J.; Morhange, J. F.; Suárez García, A.artículo
7closedAccessembargo.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2004Pulsed laser deposition of Eu:Y₂O₃ thin films on (0001) a-Al ₂O₃Bär, S.; Huber, G.; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Perea, Ángel ; Muñiz, Mariano artículo
8openAccessDempsey.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2001Magnetic behavior of Fe:Al₂O₃ nanocomposite films produced by pulsed laser depositionDempsey, N. M.; Ranno, L.; Givord, D.; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Serna, Rosalía ; Fei, G. T.; Petford Long, A. K.; Doole, R. C.; Hole, D. E.artículo
9openAccessSande.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2001Refractive index of Ag nanocrystals composite films in the neighborhood of the surface plasmon resonanceSande, J. C. G. de; Serna, Rosalía ; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso, Carmen N. ; Hole, D. E.; Naudon, A.artículo
10openAccessGonzalo.pdf.jpg30-Sep-2002Enhanced second-order nonlinear optical response of LiNbO₃ films upon Er dopingGonzalo de los Reyes, José; Chaos, J. A.; Suárez García, A.; Afonso, Carmen N. ; Pruneri, V.artículo