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openAccess2015The role of H-bonds on the structure and dynamics of very concentrated polymer solutionsGoracci, GuidoTesis
openAccess2015Theory and simulation of the optical response of novel nanomaterials from visible to terahertzAmeen Poyli, M.Tesis
openAccess2015Spectroscopic analysis of atoms and moleculesCrawford-Uranga, A.Tesis
openAccessOctopusAlberdiTH.pdf.jpg2015Optimisation of the first principle code Octopus for massive parallel architectures: application to light harvesting complexesAlberdi-Rodríguez, JosebaTesis
openAccess2015On the dielectric properties of water confined in cement-like materialsMonasterio, ManuelTesis
openAccess2015Density-potential mapping in the standard and quantum electrodynamical time-dependent density functional theoryFarzanehpour, MehdiTesis
openAccess2015Curved crystal surfaces: fabrication, characterization and growth of cobalt nanostructuresMagaña, AnaTesis
openAccess2014Transport phenomena in superconducting hybrid nanostructuresOzaeta, A.Tesis
openAccess2014Structure and electronics of donor-acceptor blendsGoiri, Elizabeth Tesis
openAccess2014From polymer chains to enzyme-mimetic soft nanoparticlesPérez-Baena, Irma Tesis
openAccess2014Elastic and inelastic electron transport through alkane-based molecular junctionsFoti, GiuseppeTesis
openAccess2014Computational investigation of chain dynamics in architecturally complex polymersBačová, Petra Tesis
openAccess2014Assembly & disassembly of bioinspired single-chain polymer nanoparticlesSánchez-Sánchez, AnaTesis
openAccess2011Functionalized Polymers as a Tool for Investigating the Component Dynamics of Polymer BlendsPlaza-García, SandraTesis
openAccess2011First-Principles Study of the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Defective Carbon NanostructuresGomes Santos, Elton Jose Tesis
openAccessxandrade_phd.pdf.jpgjun-2010Linear and non-linear response phenomena of molecular systems within time-dependent density functional theoryAndrade, XavierTesis
openAccessThesis_Aitzol_Garcia-Etxarri_Oct_2010.pdf.jpgoct-2010Modelization of plasmonic nanoantennas for optical microscopy and surface enhanced spectroscopyGarcía-Etxarri, Aitzol Tesis
Ítems en la colección (ordenados por Fecha de envío en orden Descendente): 1 a 17 de 17